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Israel and al-Qaeda Coordinate Drone Attacks against Syria

Syrian air defense repel Israeli missiles - archive photo

Israel and al Qaeda have coordinated drone attacks against Syria. On 22 December, a Syrian Arab Army unit neutralized a Kamikaze drone (explosives-carrying drone) deployed by al-Qaeda terrorists in the Tal al Dara and al Hamra farm area in Hama governate.

On 22 December, SAA air defenses responded to missiles fired by Israel in the area of Damascus countryside. This coordinated attempt in the ongoing plot of a final solution against the Syrian Arab Republic is likely a perverse celebration of the Trump regime signing of the new ‘defense’ bill, which includes the criminal Caesar legislation.

Israel and al Qaeda have a long history of war crimes against Syria. In May 2013, Israel bombed a food supply center for the SAA, a Syrian Arab Army air defense unit, and an SAA weapons and munitions depot — while al Qaeda blasphemed and videoed the Kodak moment with expensive cameras.

In early 2017, Israeli media bragged about providing state of the art trauma care to injured members of al Qaeda, on the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel, and bringing others into Israeli hospitals, for extended free medical care.

In short, Israel has functioned as al Qaeda’s air force against Syria. The US did not become al Qaeda’s second air force until September 2016, when the Obama regime ‘accidentally’ bombed a Syrian military position at al Thardeh Mountain near Deir Ezzor airport, slaughtering 83 soldiers, rescuing al Qaeda terrorists.

Mass funeral for 83 Syrian soldiers massacred by US war criminal bombings was unreported in western media

The Trump regime continued as ISIS’ second air force, beginning 7 April 2017, when he bombed Ash Sha’irat Airbase based on al Qaeda news on Khan Sheikhoun, much of which was provided by an illegal Brit whose medical license was permanently revoked in his homeland, via fake news! CNN.

British illegal, British terrorist in Syria was source for the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun
His medical license was revoked in his home country.
License? What license? Except to engage in deadly lies.
Brit undoctor Shajul Islam raises money for Nusra terrorists via charity under British investigation.

An earlier attempt for an al-Qaeda-Israeli terror attack was thwarted when the Internal Security Forces located and dismantled a car bomb that was planned to be detonated on the Damascus-Daraa International Highway.

Located inside the vehicle were 21 mines, including Israeli made, which were in barrels that also contained shrapnel and iron for maximal, savage, injury and death. These are ”barrel bombs” that western warmongering media do not mention.

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