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ISIS Remnants Carry out Attacks to Justify US Forces Presence in Syria

image-ISIS in Syria

Remnants of the US beloved and sponsored ISIS terrorist organization tried to gather their ranks and carry out a couple of attacks in south Damascus and in Eastern Syria.

The terrorists launched a swift attack from their positions within Yarmouk Palestinian Camp in the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus. The attack was against al-Tadamon residential neighborhood.

After its miserable defeat in the main urban centers in north and northeast of Syria, the ISIS terrorist organization wanted any media achievement to justify receiving more funds and arms from their sponsors and in front of their terrorists.

The latest attacks are essential for the United States of America after the Russian calls for it to withdraw from Syria after the defeat of ISIS. The Americans insist the necessity of remaining in the country since their goals are not achieved yet by installing a puppet regime or any puppet members in the Syrian government. So the Americans lie behind the existing of ISIS to remain in the country and the recent attacks serve just that.

In their swift surprise attack they managed to capture a few buildings in the front row of the confrontation, its terrorists launched a number of missiles against the neighborhood.

The response from the Syrian Arab Army was also swift in nature and didn’t only repel the attack but moved into an offensive against the ISIS positions. Worth noting that ISIS managed to enter the Yarmouk Palestinian Camp neighborhood with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas movement.

ISIS remnants launched at the same time a number of attacks against the Syrian Arab Army posts alongside al-Mayadeen – Bukamal route. The failed attempts by the terrorist remnants were to capture any post on the route to disturb the connection between the two urban centers in the northeast of the country on the western banks of the Euphrates River.

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