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ISIS Deputy Commander Apprehended by Iraq Intelligence Security Forces

Iraq Intelligence arrest ISIS Deputy Leader Sami Jassim

Iraq Intelligence arrest ISIS Deputy Leader Sami Jassim

ISIS deputy commander and the ‘finance minister’ of the terrorist organization is in the hands of the Iraqi Intelligence Security Forces, Iraq prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi stated.

Sami Jassim, the 2nd in command after Abu Bakr Baghdadi and the person in charge of ISIS’s funding was arrested in a complex external operation, the prime minister did not specify in which country the operation took place in his tweet which read:

While our ISF heroes focused on securing the elections, their INIS colleagues were conducting a complex external operation to capture Sami Jasim, who was in charge of Daesh finance, and a deputy of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.
Long live Iraq, and our brave heroes.

Iraq Intelligence arrest ISIS Deputy Leader Sami Jassim
Sami Jassim, ISIS ‘Finance Minister’ in the hands of the Iraqi ISF

Multiple sources are reporting that the operation took place in NATO member state Turkey, none of the sources is confirming whether the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the main sponsor of the terrorist groups in the region including ISIS, took part in this Iraqi security operation, it could be without the approval and even knowledge of the Turkish regime and it would be justified taking into account the multiple incursions by Erdogan’s army into northern Iraq to kill Kurdish commanders and even to kill top Iraqi army officers.

The question that analysts are asking is how ISIS commanders prefer to stay in Turkey or in Turkish-controlled areas after their major defeat in Syria and Iraq? Trump told us that Baghdadi was residing in Idlib, northwest of Syria and the last stronghold of Turkish-sponsored HTS, aka Al Qaeda Levant, and now this terrorist.

The wealth of knowledge that can be obtained from the arrested terrorist especially in regard to the source of funding his terrorist organization received and is still receiving would be highly important and most likely the Pentagon would not like such information to be known, we anticipate US intelligence officers to interfere in the investigations with this terrorist.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Kadhimi has close relations with the CIA during his previous role heading the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, he was known as ‘the US man in Iraq’ prior to nominating him to lead the country shortly after Donald Trump killed Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Mohandas, the two main military leaders in the war against ISIS. Such relations might play a role in giving the US direct access to the arrested terrorist and thus the fear for the truth about the information taken from him.

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