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Israel Bombs T4 Airbase in Homs to Drag US Forces into a Regional War

Israel bombs Syria - Archive

Israel engaged in another round of war crimes against Syria, at 21:30 October 8, bombing the T4 military airport in Homs countryside. Though Syrian air defense intercepted most of the missiles, six Syrian Arab Army soldiers were wounded in the attack, in addition to material damage, the extent undisclosed at this writing.

Israel — the US taxpayer’s biggest welfare queen, which became al Qaeda’s first air force against Syria in May 2013 — fired its bomber jets missiles from over al Tanf. The route Israeli jets used must’ve been from over Jordan, whose airspace was given over to the rogue state when Obama provided the bribe of a billion dollar low-interest loan.

In the wake of multiple reports confirming Biden’s intention to withdraw from Syria by year-end, the Israelis are trying to ignite a regional war hoping to hinder any such plan of the US troops withdrawal in order to have them fight on its behalf, US dispensable cannon fodder soldiers, US taxpayers money, and US political and diplomatic cover, instead of losing its own Israeli soldiers in any such confrontation.

Al Tanf has been occupied by the criminal US regime forces since the Trump administration. US illegals have provided protection to the terrorist gang, Maghawir Thawra, since early 2017. In May of that year, the takfiri savages thanked the US for sending massive military weapons to them (video, here).

This latest war criminal bombing by Israel is a follow-up to the Biden regime’s war crimes of illegally bringing another convoy of weapons into Syria, earlier in the day.

There will be no outcry of condemnation by the UN, on Israel’s criminal bombing of the Syrian Arab Republic, as the Nazi junta controlling the bastion of peace and security prefers to spend time lying about Syria and making a list of all uppity, non-NATO countries to threaten.

Syrian troops and Iranian advisors in the T4 military airbase are tasked to coordinate the fight against the ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert, Israel targeting of this particular airbase is self-explanatory.

Firing from over the US troops in Al Tanf is also the Israeli way of trying to provoke the Syrian air defense to bomb the Israeli fighter jets back and hoping the missiles would fall over the US troops, who are anyway illegally positioned in the southeast of Syria; the Syrian Army targeting and killing US troops is an Israeli officials’ dream come true, they would push the USA to retaliate. Israeli fighter jets have repeatedly fired their missiles from behind civilian airplanes as well, also hoping the Syrian air defense missiles would shoot down the bigger and slower birds in the sky and causing a catastrophe.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They are afraid they will be left alone after the USA withdraws its forces, the Kurdish SDF terrorists become orphans, and ISIS will lose its cover, that’s why they’re pushing for a war now.

  2. Roy A Booher

    The only websites that I’ve found so far today (February 9th 2021) are those of the US and Canadian terrorists posing as concerned citizens of their respective countries(even our worse enemies need love and understanding) poor things that they are.

  3. Huda Hajjar

    These criminals will not stop until some powerful forces stop them, can’t wait until our army cleans the rest of Syria then put an end to the Israeli terrorism.


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