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Iran Releases British Oil Tanker it Confiscated in July

British Oil Tanker Seized by Iran

Iranian authorities announced that the British-flagged oil tanker it detained on suspicion of smuggling can now leave and its captain can decide when to depart the Iranian port.

Iran had confiscated the tanker for a number of violations last month — in addition to suspicion of smuggling — and it came after the British piracy of the Iranian supertanker Grace 1 – renamed later to Adrian Darya 1.

The Iranian coast guards backed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps seized the British-flagged tanker which was escorted by British Navy frigates in a muscles-flexing skirmish. The IRGC made the brazen seizure under the watchful and powerless eyes of the British Navy personnel.

The British Government under the ousted Theresa May had issued a number of lies in regard with the incident, one of which was the British Navy ship was far from the seized tanker and wasn’t in the position to defend it. A video released by the Iranian authorities and voice recording proved that the IRGC warned the British Navy ship to stand down and avoid interfering in their operation to seize the ship.

Britain released Adrian Darya 1 after their act of piracy foolishly gave the Iranians full security control over the Strait of Hormuz by allowing them to replicate the British / Gibraltar act in Gibraltar passage to the Strait of Hormuz.

Adrian Darya 1 completed its mission and offloaded its shipment into smaller vessels that delivered it to Syria, as some satellite pictures showed, no official confirmation by any side. US Secretary of State Pompeo demonstrated what he earlier told a number of cadets about having ‘lied, cheated, and stolen’, claiming that the Iranians gave the authorities of Gibraltar a promise that the Adrian Darya would not deliver the oil to Syria, which was then refuted by the First Minister of the tiny island state who later said that Iran never gave any such promises.

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