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Two Farmers Killed One Injured by Landmine Explosion Northeast of Hama

Landmine explosion kills civilians in Syria - انفجار لغم أرضي يقتل مدنيين في سورية

Two farmers killed and one other severely injured after a landmine blew up while they were plowing their land in northeast Hama.

A spokesperson for the Hama Police General Command said in a statement that the landmine was planted in the agriculture fields of the town of Zaghbeh in the northeastern countryside of the province near the provincial borders with Idlib.

The casualties were rushed to the hospital.

Such casualties are common in areas previously infested with NATO terrorists, under instructions from their supporters these terrorists uprooted the trees of life and planted mines of death and mutilation.

Vast areas have been cleaned from mines, especially in dense cities where the terrorists were very ‘creative’ in planting their killing and maiming tools to cause the maximum casualties among the Syrian people, during the time the terrorists desecrating of the Syrian land and after they were evicted by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

However, due to the large swaths that were under their control, no thanks to the humongous support they received from NATO member states which have great experience in killing and maiming civilians, the task is overwhelming the Syrian Engineering Corps and the Russian Military Police assisting in that task, and of course the US regime refuses to handover the Syrian or Russian authorities maps where their terrorists planted these landmines, evil is deeply rooted in the souls of these hypocrite criers for humanity who flood the UN building each time the Syrian Arab Army approaches an area infested by their beloved human garbage terrorists.

Countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, and their affiliates have invested heavily in terror in Syria and elsewhere, their return on investment is costing the Syrian people a hefty price, on daily bases. The leaders of such countries ‘democratically elected’ by the ‘free will of their citizens’ is a reflection of their degenerated societies, those who believe wars, destruction of other nations, and the killings of other people, is a priority over building their own countries and the wellbeing of their own citizens.

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