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Homs, Syria: Syrian Army Troops Killed Dozens of Terrorists


Syria, Homs – The mop-up operations by the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the city of Homes are still continued and it seems that today was a really good and successful day for the troops of the Syrian army fighting in and around Homs against the foreign-backed jihadists and terrorists.

Especially the battles between the units of the Syrian military and the foreign-supported militants in the Western parts of the city of Homs are continued and have caused the death of numerous terrorists today.

After some intense battles, many of the armed terrorists in several parts of the Syrian city of Homs, once beautiful and peaceful, were either killed or injured by the units of the Syrian army. In addition, there is further good news about Homs.

An unit of the Syrian army has successfully taken the control of some buildings in Homs that were previously used by the foreign-backed gunmen and Islamists to launch attacks on residents and soldiers of the Syrian army. There, some weapons and also ammunition were seized after the Syrian army took control of these buildings in Homs.

There are sad news about the al-Tadamun neighborhood of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Some foreign-backed religious fanatics have fired a mortar shell into the al-Tadamun neighborhood in the Syrian capital and the sad result were, at least, ten injured civilians, among them is a one-year-old Syrian child and also two five-year-old Syrian girls. The mortar shell was fired into the al-Tadamun neighborhood of Damascus today morning.


As reported again and again, these foreign-backed gunmen, mercenaries and CIA-sponsored Al-Qaeda thugs do not hesitate to kill children and women in their battles and attacks, which are often carried out against civilian neighborhoods.

Not to mention all the massacres conducted by these foreign-supported religious fanatics and the last horrible beheading of a Catholic priest in Syria – the video of this beheading of the priest and another person, which was already confirmed by the Vatican, is really shocking.

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