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homs syrian army caused heavy losses jihadists


The units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have inflicted heavy losses on the foreign-supported terrorists and religious fanatics in the central Syrian city of Homs and especially in the Western parts of the city according to sources of the Syrian military.

The mop-up operations and attacks by the troops of the Syrian military in the city of Homs were carried out by artillery and some air strikes yesterday. Thus, the third straight day of intense battles against the foreign-backed militants and Islamists in Homs and the countryside.

The units of the Syrian army used tanks, mortar units and some fighter aircrafts beside the artillery and forces on the ground. According to the Syrian state TV, the troops of the Syrian army have so far achieved an impressive success in the city of Homs and also killed a huge amount of foreign-backed jihadists and militants. Although this raises the question why it took them so long to finally act and whose guilty for the failed strategies previously to the final acts now.

The battles between the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and radical groups of strangers and religious fanatics in the countryside of Homs as well as within the city last since some weeks, but since recent days, the army is really pushing forward and finally tries to clean the Western parts of the once beautiful Syrian town.

Beside all the massacres, bloodshed, horrible news and unbelievable videos as the beheading of a Catholic priest by a group of really radical and uneducated jihadists in Syria, this is one of the sad sides of this proxy war and attempt to overthrow the Syrian government in Damascus, which is both carried out by foreign powers within Syria.

The Syrian cities, history and even the culture seem to be more and more damaged and destroyed, while Syria was and is still the only real secular Arab nation and, for sure, not such a totalitarian dictatorship and human rights abuser as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both best friends of Western governments.


After the cleaning of the strategically important town of al-Qusayr in June and the battles in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, it seems that the Western parts of the city of Homs are soon secure and safe again, although these urban warfares can last for a long time, thus, every success of the Syrian army is good news.

But one should not think that Homs and the Western side of the city is clean of rats in some days – it could last weeks or months but, at least, more and more foreign-backed terrorists, militants and al-Qaeda thugs are removed from Syrian soil or finally “arrive under” Syrian soil.

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  1. american

    Finally, the Syrian Army is making rapid progress in securing Homs. Hopefully Aleppo will soon be cleansed, followed by the whole nation.

  2. Arklight

    It’s good to see that the SAA is, finally, employing tactics which actually accomplish something. I think that the SAA artillery firebases really need to be better protected, and more effective use of armor in support of infantry, but it’s very obvious that SAA is learning the hard lessons of successfully prosecuting their side of an asymmetric war. Personally, I would give no quarter to the thugs in opposition but, again, that’s just my opinion. Don’t mistake the US for a ‘super power’ – – it’s true that we consistently kill more people with greater efficiency than anyone else in the War, Famine, Pestilence and Death business, but it’s equally true that we keep loosing wars to semi-literate men who ride to war on shoe leather, who will fight anyone, will close to fist fight range with any weapon including rocks, ask no quarter, and are very, very good tacticians. As to the cities: if you control entrance and egress, siege warfare works; also, a city must be destroyed in order to transform it from a rat trap to a bastion of defense. I think that SAA would be well advised to get as many IR/Low Light capable drones as possible, as quickly as possible – – you can have absolutely no doubt that CIA is training video game killers equipped with drones for use against SAA, so don’t get caught on the wrong foot, please. Fire and maneuver, guys – – fire and maneuver.


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