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Takbeer Incident Goes Wrong


That old woman that has almost reached seventy didn’t know that she would end up defying FSA on her short shopping trip.

The whole incident lasted only minutes. An old woman was shopping for groceries when an FSA car parked close-by, and an armed group left it. The terrorists headed to a nearby vehicle, a Mercedes.  She heard them shouting and takeering.

“Allah Akbar, a Shabeeh’s car. It’s Halal to steal, it is ours now… Allah Akbar”

The old woman didn’t know what took over her, but she held one of the group and said Allah Akbar over him. “By God, you’re mine now” she said.

Everyone was astonished; they asked her what’s wrong. She told them to shut up, saying the man has become hers according to their logic.

The group tried to reason with the old woman, saying the car belongs to a traitor, he should be punished. The old women refused to listen saying they’re liars the car belongs to a Syrian just like her & them.

Faced with the old woman’s sound reason, the group left, leaving the woman and the car.

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