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Besieged Gazans Lit Surrounding Settlements, FSA Retaliates in Hader

image-FSA Terrorists Lit Tens of Agricultural Acres in Quneitra - Hader - Archive

FSA terrorist groups operating in the southern province of Quneitra set tens of agricultural acres on fire near the farms of the village of Hader.

FSA groups operating in the southwest of Syria include among their different names an ISIS group protected by the United States of America in the area.

Tens of acres planted with apples, cherry, and figs were set to ablaze by anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists in the village of Hadуr, northern Quneitra countryside causing massive losses for the farmers. The targeted trees are more than 20 years old.

The FSA terrorists are based in Jabata Khashab town. Ongoing talks between the Russians and the representatives of the Trump regime failed to convince the latter to drop their support to these terrorists. The Trump regime went further by threatening to take ‘firm, appropriate measures’ against Syria if the Syrian government tries to clean the southwest of the country from terrorists.

Last week the FSA terrorists set tens of other trees and wheat planted acres on fire in the Kroum Hamriya and Jabba villages.

Worth noting that each time the besieged Palestinians in Gaza manage to send paper kites outside their concentration camp into the surrounding illegal Israeli settlements that cause fire there, the FSA terrorists, especially those working under the ISIS banner, retaliate against Syrian farmers in areas they operate.

Hader is a small village that kept loyal to the Syrian state and has a majority of Syrian Druze population, it is surrounded by FSA terrorists from almost all sides and is constantly under attacks by the terrorist groups commanded directly by Israeli officers. Tens of its residents were killed, maimed and injured in battles defending their village and their people. It’s located in a very tense area but strategic bordering the previously set demilitarized zone post the 1973 October war.

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