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US-Led Coalition Commits 2 Massacres in 24 Hours in Hassakeh

image-US-Led Coalition Massacre Civilians in Syria - Archive Photo

An Outlaw, that’s exactly what the US-led Coalition operating in Syria is; it was never approved by the Syrian government, nor by the United Nations Security Council if that matters, and an outlaw acts they commit.

One family ‘Hassoun al-Pasha’ lost 12 of its members, all civilians, 2 more were injured in an air bombing carried out by the US-led coalition under claims of fighting ISIS in the village of Tal Shayer in Hassakeh southern countryside.

ISIS terrorists operate freely in pockets protected by the US-led coalition in Tanf, northeast of Euphrates and southwest of Syria, this is no secret anymore. Any claims by the US and its cronies to be fighting ISIS in Syria is as ludicrous as its claims of the Iraqi possession of WMDs that led to the illegal invasion of the country in 2003 and the killing, maiming, and displacing of millions of Iraqis which in turn led to the emerging of al-Qaeda in Iraq and later in Iraq and Syria ISIS, Nusra Front and their affiliates.

This heinous bombing using the ‘nice, new and smart missiles’ was launched just under 24 hours from the one day earlier massacre carried out by the same outlaw coalition using the same false pretext of fighting ISIS and resulted in the slaughter of 18 civilians mostly Iraqi women and children refugees who actually fled from US-sponsored ISIS in Iraq. This crime was carried out in the village of Khuweibra southeast of Shaddadi city, south of Hassakeh city.

The request by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the United Nations Security Council to condemn the Tuesday’s massacre by the US-led Coalition and call on it to cease its illegal operations in Syria was not yet read by the members of the UNSC when that Coalition committed its second massacre.

Last Tuesday the US-led Coalition’s massacre which killed 10 other civilians, all were women and children, massive destruction in properties as the US-led Coalition outlaws targeted the houses of the people of Jazza’a village, north of Dsheishah in the southern countryside of Shaddadi city.

The US and its coalition member cronies tend from these massacres to force the people of Hassakeh’s southern countryside to join the Kurdish SDF terrorist group, which alongside ISIS and other terror groups are used by the US to fight the Syrian Arab Army and create a de facto region outside the Syrian state’s control where Syria’s main oil fields and main agricultural lands are.

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  1. miri

    SDF created by US, as foreign wetworkers. ZioKurd separatist peons added to give a neolib ‘flavor,’ & support for war crimes from the Operation Mockingbirdbrain patients.


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