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FSA Terrorists Launch Fiercest Attacks on Foua and Kafraya

Central Asian Terrorists from the Free Syrian Army 'Moderate Rebels'

While the West is busy demonizing the Syrian Government, plotting for new false flag chemical attacks to frame the Syrian Armed Forces and blaming civilians deaths solely on the Syrian state whitewashing al-Qaeda from its crimes, Washington’s terrorists attacked besieged Foua and Kafarya towns.

One blind young man and another were severely wounded by sniper shooting from heavily fortified trenches surrounding the towns of Foua and Kafraya in Idlib’s northern countryside.

The two towns are besieged by terrorists loyal to the Turkish Erdogan regime for over 3 years and the only way they receive their essentials is by air drops by the Syrian Arab Army’s air force.

That same air force which was constantly targeted by NATO-sponsored terrorists of Nusra Front and its other FSA groups with advanced surface to air missiles and a number of helicopters and even fighter jets were shot down, pilots were killed, one pilot had his severed head grilled by an FSA commander.

Two days ago 6 residents from Foua town were killed when NATO-sponsored terrorists directed by Erdogan forces on the ground carried out the heaviest attack on the town a little after 1 am, which was repelled by the defenders of the town, just to be followed by another attack a couple of hours later and before dawn.

These attacks come during the holy month of Ramadan, not only does Islam prohibits any attacks against civilians, the Erdogan terrorists didn’t respect the holiness of the most sacred month in Islam which is the month of Ramadan, where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset refrain from eating or drinking each day for the 30 days of the month.

In addition to desecrating the holy month of Ramadan, the terrorists sought to shed the blood of the innocent people which would reward them with the hardest punishment as explicitly mentioned in the Holy Quran which is eternity in Hellfire in addition to the cursing of God, the angels, and all the believers.

Syrian Air Forces carried out a series of air strikes against the launch-bases of the terrorists in Binnish, Ram Hamdan, Sawaghieh, and Bruma, inflicting large losses among the terrorist groups.

Today, the terrorists followed their failed double attacks two days ago with another attack from the same towns surrounding Foua and Kafraya. The terrorists were also sniping and shelling the towns from their positions surrounding the two towns.

During the past 3 years, tens of civilians were killed in both towns, a large number were wounded and massive destruction in properties due to constant shelling of the two towns that refuse to surrender to the terrorists knowing very well they will not be spared a fate similar to the one of Adra Labor City where the civilians were executed on the streets, parents saw their children being raped by terrorists then their throats were slit or they were baked alive in the city’s main bakery. All the men were shot dead after witnessing the horrors the terrorists committed against their families.

NATO-sponsored terrorists try to ignite a civilian religious war between Shiite and Sunni sects within the last secular country in the region. It’s an old plan invented by former US secretary of state and security advisor Kissinger.

The NATO-sponsored media had previously blamed the horrors inflicted by NATO-sponsored terrorists against Foua and Kafraya on the Syrian government.

These media sources went silent after the massacre in al Rashidin when the terrorists and captives exchange was halted for 30 hours. More than 120 civilians were slaughtered, dozens of kidnapped children brought to Turkey and not returned.

Again, the western media are silent.

Erdogan forces spearheaded by Nusra Front in this latest attack and supported by an Uzbek terrorist group from the Free Syrian(!) Army and the remnants of terrorists evicted from the town of Darayya in Damascus countryside a couple of years ago.

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