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Full Video of Burning Jordanian Pilot Moath Kassassbeh Alive by ISIS

Jordanian Pilot Moath Kassasbeh in the Cage Awaiting to be Burnt Alive

I tried to locate the full video on the usual locations, of course I wouldn’t go deep in the sites hosted by NSA or CIA and claiming to be the official sites of ISIS, among the ones I was searching was one of the radical mainstream media news sites used to promote killing elsewhere in the world in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, FoxNews, and I found the full video and brought it to you. Warning: Extremely Graphic:

As a Syrian, I would be lying if I say I felt any sorry for the Jordanian pilot’s fate, nor do I feel any desire to condemn this act, not because I promote such heinous and anti-Islamic acts which I would never, but I didn’t see any of those now condemning this act ever shed a tear for the hundreds of victims of Adra Labor Industrial City massacre, many including children were barbecued alive in ovens. I didn’t see any of those now condemning this act except being further vile blaming the victims for atrocities, also like the infamous Houla Massacre, Hatla Massacre, Jandar Massacre and hundred other ugly massacres committed by the ‘moderate opposition’ sponsored by the western regimes and their regional stooges.

 Jordanian Pilot Moath Kassasbeh in the Cage Awaiting to be Burnt Alive

Jordanian Pilot Moath Kassasbeh in the Cage Awaiting to be Burnt Alive

Again, these filthy attempts to justify the ‘need to fight terror’ might work with the naive people of the West, but will never succeed to fool the Syrians. Japan, after having its citizen killed by ISIS, is now pushing to send its army to fight terror and forgot its despicable contribution in the ‘Friends of Syria’ conferences pledging millions of dollars to help arm the ‘moderate opposition’ which later defects to ISIS, Nusra, FSA and other terrorist organizations. Fukushima was just a small Karma treat to the Japanese whom we used to love and respect before they contributed to killing Syrians, wonder what’s waiting for them more. This also goes to citizens of each member country of that infamous ‘Friends of Syria’ coalition.

Do you dare to tell me how would the ‘White House’ feel if another country forms a group of outlaws and terrorists, arm them to their teeth with the latest weapons and communication networks and devices, train them in camps in nearby countries, support them logistically to the extent hot meals reaching them in villages they slaughter its people, then pushing them to attack public buildings all over the USA with suicide bombers blowing themselves up in civilians and detonating booby-trapped cars all over, after all of that blaming the Obama regime for ever thinking of defending the US citizens, how would it feel? If you know the answer, that’s exactly how we feel and that’s exactly why we don’t feel any sorry for the burnt alive Jordanian pilot by the trainees of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist group aka ISIS.

Instead of thinking of sending further ‘boots on the ground’ to fight ‘terror’, stop the terror masters in your own countries, start with the loose rabid US ‘low life scum’ senator.

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