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Fresh from Tehran Summit, Erdogan Escalates Bombing Syrian Villages

Turkey-sponsored terrorists bombed villages in Hasakah with artillery and missiles

The Turkish madman Erdogan escalated the bombing of the Syrian villages in the northern regions of the country despite signing an agreement with the Iranian and Russian Presidents last week in Tehran to condemn terrorist attacks in Syria.

At least three civilians were injured and large-scale damage to the properties after Al Qaeda terrorists operating under the support of the Turkish army shelled the towns of the Abu Rasin region in the northwestern Hasakah province with artillery and missiles.

Local sources quoted by the Syrian news agency Sana said that the town of Abu Rasin and the villages of Rubayat, Matmoura, Umm Haramleh, and Dada Abdal came under heavy indiscriminate shelling in the early hours of dawn today, Sunday 24 July.

Turkey-sponsored terrorists bombed villages in Hasakah with artillery and missiles

The sources confirmed that at least three civilians were injured in the heinous bombing in addition to large destruction to public and private properties.

Turkey-sponsored terrorists in the western regions of Syria have also escalated their attacks on the villages and towns in northern Hama countryside, and southern Idlib, and tried to drone-bomb the Russian military base in Hmeimim in the coastal province of Tartous.

Investigative independent journalist Vanessa Beeley eyewitness to the crimes of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his terrorists.

This is a continuation of the terrorist attacks carried out by the Turkish army and its proxy terrorist groups of Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front and HTS) and its affiliated plethora of smaller groups who follow the anti-Islamic British-invented Muslim Brotherhood doctrine.

The terrorists continue their targeting of Syria’s infrastructure, especially the water and electricity facilities, yesterday’s bombing by the terrorists destroyed the Tal Tamr substation in the same region in the Hasakah countryside cutting off the electricity of a large number of cities, towns, and villages in the province whose people are unlucky to be bordering NATO’s second-largest country.

It’s not the first time the Turkish madman Erdogan signs agreements to stop acting as a criminal and instantly flip-flops and resumes his war crimes. He’s on an agenda to Israelize large areas of northern Syria and to fulfill the task the former US war criminal George W. Bush assigned to him to carry out a leading role in the Greater Israel Project dubbed Greater Middle East Project.

The Turkish madman Erdogan and his clan could only carry out their war crimes against Syria because he’s under the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance umbrella and because of the massive economic support he receives from Syria’s supposed to be close allies in the war on terror, Russia and Iran.

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