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Erdogan War Crimes, SDF Atrocities, No Reconciliation

Erdogan aggression against Syria - Turkey Kurds SDF

Erdogan has accelerated his war crimes against Syria, in Day 2 of Turkey’s new military aggression. His regime thug troops again bombed the electrical cables of the Alouk Water Station in Ras al-Ain, bombed on Day 1, and immediately repaired by the Syrian government. This water plant meets the daily needs of almost 2 million Syrians and remains out of service at the time of this writing. The Industrial Region of Ras al-Ain has also been targeted. 

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan
Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan

As does every amoral war criminal, the rabid Erdogan targets the vital essentials of life: Electricity, water, dams, oil, and homes.

erdogan troops bombed a church
Erdogan troops didn’t spare a church

These illicit Turkish troops are focusing on villages in Hasaka, Qamishli, and Raqqa, and on Day 2, even bombed cars on the road between Raqqa and Tal Abyad (three martyred, dozens injured).

One child was martyred in the neighborhood of Qadouar Beik, Qamishli. Five civilians were murdered in Ras al-Ain city, with 9 others injured. Erdogan regime thugs also bombed the villages of Naddas, Alouk, Hamid, and Tal Arqam, from the skies and from ground artillery. The Saeeda petroleum station was bombed, caught fire, and burnt to the ground.

Syrian child injured by Erdogan forces bombing

Transatlantic NATO media are currently engaged in near apoplexia over the horror of Erdogan’s war crimes, though they are the same war crimes that have been committed against Syria since President Barack Obama announced his creation of the fascist coalition of war criminals, on 10 September 2014, in a live address to the nation.

Is it possible that the criminal liars of journalism have suddenly had a crisis of conscience, over their previous cheering of the obliteration of al Raqqa, by the war criminal coalition?

CNN cheers destruction as far as the eye can see. This is al Raqqa, courtesy of the US-led war criminal coalition.

Have the warmongering media had a Trumpian epiphany against perpetual war?

Let us not get silly with optimism.

Their seeming concern is not over rabid Erdogan continuing the same military aggression as was committed by Obama and accelerated by Trump.

NATO media — including artificial liberal and independent sources — are nominally concerned for the cannon fodder of the armed terrorist SDF, the separatist Kurds given weapons and the promise to Israelize a large carved off piece of Syria, the criminals who have closed schools, tried to bomb churches, set fire to wheat fields, ambushed and slaughtered members of Syrian security — atrocities that would be condemned were they to be perpetrated in western countries.

syria - qamishli
Imagine American soldiers slaughtered in the US, their bodies dumped & the world writing about “moderate American opposition.”

Note that the western condemnations of Erdogan do not mention the destruction of vital infrastructure, the bombing of homes, do not note that the attacks are against the country of Syria.

Instead, they obsess on the ”abandoned” and “betrayed” SDF terrorists (abandoned with massive weapons that Trump has been providing since early August).

And what have the ‘betrayed’ and abandoned only with trucks, explosives, military guns been doing since the war criminal Erdogan began his new onslaught to destroy Syrian infrastructure, slaughter Syrians, annex part of the Syrian country?

Why, they continue to terrorize the Syrian civilian population.

SDF armed terrorists again stormed a village, this one Tal Tamer in Hasaka. They committed dozens of home invasions, rounding up and abducting youths for forced military training, to be then forced into combat zones.

Syria SDF YPG Asayish Recruiting Child Soldiers Kurds
US-run ‘SDF’ continues to kidnap Syrian children to make them ‘soldiers.’ [Archive]

sdf occupied prison

Yesterday, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, held a press conference at the Foreign Ministry. He condemned Erdogan as war criminal, noting the military aggression is a breach of Syria’s sovereignty, a breach of international law, and a breach of the UN Charter.

Syrian deputy minister of foreign affairs condemning Erdogan as war criminal
Dr. Faysal Mikdad, Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister

Minister Mikdad asserted that the Erdogan regime is responsible for much of the foreign terrorism inflicted on the Syrian people, their murders, their displacements, the destruction of their infrastructure, of their homes.

He reminded the press that the Erdogan regime was responsible for the facilitation of illegal entry of foreign terrorists via the Turkey-Syrian border [again, note that no illegal entering Syria ever stepped on any of the nearly 200,000 land mines that Turkey promised to clean up when it joined the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003.]

Dr. Mikdad also noted the cowardice of the Turkish thugs, of invading part of Syria in which the Syrian Arab Army is not currently deployed.

In response to a question on whether the SAA is prepared to enter the area, Dr. Mikdad explained that the government has been in dialogue with all of its citizens, and again offered reconciliation. The armed gangs — the US’s ‘betrayed’ SDF, the armed separatist Kurds — refused the offer of rejoining the state — instead, preferring to remain “in the bosom of the foreigner” [illegal US occupiers].

The refusal of these armed terrorists to put down their weapons and rejoin the state, effectively allowed the Erdogan regime to invade and occupy this region.

Most of the more than 300,000 foreign terrorists and illegals of NATO media, Sen. John McCain, and even the poisoned measles vaccines which murdered 50 Syrian children in 2015, entered through the Turkish border.

It is worthy of mention that many of the various media sources who arrogantly and illegally entered Syria through Erdogan’s ‘benevolence,’ who embedded themselves with armed terrorists engaged in the most heinous of atrocities against Syrian civilians, are suddenly screeching that the war criminal is engaged in criminal aggression.

Can a thinking mind not grasp the colonial hypocrisy in the ongoing, demonic attempt to inflict a new Sykes-Picot on the citizens of Syria?

Let us put an end to western peak colonialism.

Miri Wood

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  1. Margaret Norris

    I pray every day that Erdogan and his jihadist thugs will be driven right out of every inch of sovereign Syrian territory and every part of that territory will be restored to its rightful owners the legitimate Syrian government.


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