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Erdogan Settled 1500 Families of His Terrorists in Ras Al-Ain

Erdogan al-Qaeda FSA terrorists of so-called National Army north of Syria

The regime of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Recep Erdogan continues its efforts to Israelize north of Syria by settling families of terrorists working for Erdogan in the houses of the Syria people evicted from it, especially in Ras Al Ain city.

Original residents of the towns infested with herds of terrorists loyal to the embattled Turkish pariah Erdogan have fled their houses and properties after bloody attacks and bombings by the invading terrorists. They were replaced with families of terrorists brought from other sides of Syria and from other countries.

The Turkish mad man wants to create a buffer zone between Syria and his regime on Syrian land using these criminals and their families as human shields. Unfortunately, there’s no more wise commanders in the Turkish Army to stop this madness, and the Turkish people have been brainwashed by intensive propaganda and by promises to be ‘evolved’ into a better race either by joining the EU or by dominating the northern region of the Zionist project known as the ‘Greater Israel’ aka ‘Greater Middle East’.

Erdogan knew how to tackle the feeling of an inferiority complex inherited among large portions of the Turkish people, especially the inland people, towards all their neighbors. Throughout their history, especially in the recent one, the Turks have committed massacres against all their neighbors to satisfy their ego. They even changed their alphabet from the Arabic style right to left to a Latin left to right writing and letters.

Enticed by a promise from former US war criminal George W. Bush to be a leader in the ‘Greater Israel’ project, Erdogan has worked hard since to destroy Syria and northern Iraq and to interfere in each Arab country his forces -uniformed and terrorists- would reach to establish the ruling of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult which he sits at the top of its radical seat.

The recent demographic international cross-border war crime in northern parts of Syria is now entering a new phase by moving 1500 families of the terrorists fighting under his wing to the neighborhoods of Kharabat and Hawarneh in the city of Ras Al-Ain, on the borders between Syria and Turkey in the Hasakeh province.

Local sources reporting from the city that the herds of hundreds of Erdogan terrorists are resorting to all sorts of intimidation and crimes to leave their land, mimicking Israel’s policies against the Palestinians to uproot them and replace them with fanatic anti-Jewish radical Zionists.

Real Jews believe that God has forbidden them from establishing their own communities and has scattered them across other communities as a punishment for wrong deeds done by their ancestors. Any attempts to establish such ‘Jewish’ apartheid ‘states’ will draw the Divine’s anger and punishment again. Zionism is a political movement established for this particular goal by brainwashing and faking history and the Jewish own teachings to commit just that sin. Erdogan is following suit.

The Turkish pariah mimicking Israel didn’t even shy away when addressing his brainwashed hardcore loyalists last week saying: ‘We have started to construct settlements between the (Syrian cities of) Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abiadh where we can settle hundreds of thousands of people.’ The word ‘people‘ was used intentionally as many of his loyalists come from all sides of the world to wage ‘Jihad’ or Holy War against other Muslims who refuse the ‘Greater Israel’ project.

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