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Erdogan Starts to ‘Israelize’ Northern Syria Cities with 1 Million Settlers

Erdogan Israelize Northern Syria - Putin - Rouhani

Cities under the occupation of the neo-Ottomans are being Israelized by the Turkish madman Erdogan who wants to replace the people of the region with refugees who were pushed into Turkey from areas invaded by Turkish-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.

Tal Abiad and Ras Al-Ain will be the first cities to be Israelized by the neo Ottomans and their al-Qaeda affiliate terrorists as per the Turkish pariah himself.

The plan to settle the Syrian refugees in areas al-Qaeda terrorists under the protection of Erdogan forces and in agreement with the Russian Federation against international law and against the will of the Syrian state.

The author has no clue how Syrians who were evicted from their cities in other areas in Syria would accept to be settled on properties of other Syrians? Will the Syrian state confiscate their previous properties and give it to the people who lost their homes in northern Syria? Or will they go back to their origin cities after cleaning the northern territories from Erdogan forces of Al-Qaeda and Turkish Army uniformed fighters? What is the real position of Russia and how it will help settle this new Israelizing issue when its stance with the Israeli attacks against Syria is already being criticized by many in the country?

A considerable number of those new settlers would be families of radical anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, they will follow the instructions of their caliph wannabe Erdogan, but the vast majority are of average Syrians who left their homes when invaded by the same terrorists now transferring them from Turkey.

Erdogan, the enemy of everything civilized in our region competing with his Israeli ilk Netanyahu, has managed to emerge from his criminal interference in the Arab World and beyond with least damage being able to play the Russians and the Europeans within his role as a regional spearhead in the ‘Greater Israel Project,’ he was assigned by former US President George W. Bush.

Listen to Erdogan himself declaring his role in the criminal project:

By installing terrorists loyal to him and their families in the northern parts of Syria, the madman wants to claim more land from Syria using those terrorists and the useful Kurdish idiots and criminal heads of Kurdish separatist militias. That land will be used to pressure the Syrian state into a concession in regards with accepting Israel as a normal state in the region, Erdogan’s dream is equal to Satan’s dream of entering Heavens, both, the underground evil master and the Turkish pariah have a very hot residence for eternity to look for.

The Kurdish separatist militias played their assigned role as planned for them either as useful idiots or as traitors, in both cases the Turkish regime has used them as a free ride in this historical crime.

The Turkish people insist to keep reminding the people of the region of their unpleasant history and relationship with their neighbors. And as a Syrian who is directly affected by this 9 years US-led World War of Terror against my country, please do not tell me the Turkish people are any different from their current leader, the past years are enough evidence.

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