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Erdogan Opponent Assassinated in Holland

image-Halal Fried Chicken restaurants owned by Erdogan opponent Ali Ekrem Kaynak

It’s not enough Turkish absolute dictator and Caliph wannabe Erdogan imported Al-Qaeda and its different branches like FSA, Nusra Front and ISIS to the Levant, his followers just took the crimes in his favor to a whole new level when they assassinated a prominent Dutch businessman of Turkish origins for opposing the fake Caliph.

After flooding Europe with terrorists among the refugees he sent, now the terrorists Godfather threatens and use his thugs to terrify Europeans and commit his crimes there.

Prominent Turkish businessman and owner of a series of restaurants near Dutch capital Amsterdam Ali Ekrem Kaynak has been killed by an armed attack, the armed attack was carried out by armed radical members supporters of the president of the Turkish regime Rajab Erdogan.

The assassination was due to the slain’s views opposing the Muslim Brotherhood ruling in Turkey.

The Dutch authorities described the crime as based on the hate speeches issued by officials of the AKP ruling party in Turkey against whoever opposes them in opinion, even those living abroad Turkey.

Dutch newspaper Het Parool which published details of the crime mentioned that the victim was exposed to threats and extreme pressure by supporters of Erdogan and his party after the coup attempt on 15 July 2016 when the Caliph wannabe was saved by Russia and Iran.

The newspaper added that despite the measures taken to protect the victim from these threats, he was killed by an armed attack while leaving his own restaurant.

Erdogan opponent now slain Ali Ekrem Kaynak

Many Western intelligence reports, especially by German and Dutch intelligence, has previously revealed a vast Turkish network of spies working for Turkish intelligence agency in most of Europe that operate under the cover of the Presidency of Religious Affairs with the aim of gathering information and monitoring Turkish opponents residing in the EU.

The reports also warned of the possible liquidation and kidnapping of many of these opponents systematically by the gangs of Erdogan.

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