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SAA Cleans Qulayb al-Thawr from Terrorists

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Soldiers - Archive

Qulayb al-Thawr (قليب الثور) is now clean thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. The small town is back now to the state control after the terror presence is completely eradicated from it.

Qulayb al-Thawr is a small town to the east of Al-Salamiyah city in Hama countryside, between Al-Salamiyah – Ihtriyah – Ar Raqqah highway and Al-Salamiyah – Palmyra – Deir Ezzor highway. It was used by the US-sponsored terrorists as a base for supply and attacks threatening both routes and threatening the city of Al-Salamiyah itself in the central region of Syria.

Qulayb al-Thawr قليب الثور Map

The town Qulayb al-Thawr, which translates to ‘the small heart of the bull’, was stormed by terrorists since the end of December 2013 and terrorist commanders were bragging about their control of this town since until the unstoppable SAA decided to pay them a visit and take back the town from them.

An SAA commander told Central Military Media reporter: ‘Thanks to God the village of Qulayb al-Thawr has been liberated and under control which was a very important stronghold for the terrorists. It was equipped with great engineering equipment and fortifications.’

Al-Salamiyah – Ithriyah highway is now safer and the route to Ar-Raqqah is more clear for the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

A large number of terrorists were eliminated and their weaponry and equipment were confiscated, mines and booby-traps were removed.

The following report from inside the town by the Central Military Media was released yesterday.

The cleaning of this town is yet another proof that the Syrian Arab Armed Forces and their allies will not leave a stone unturned in all of Syria with a terrorist hiding under it, from the largest concentration of terrorists to the smallest one.

Syria’s community mosaic can be seen in the central cities of the country where all Syrians of all faiths and origins live side by side and support their state and army unquestionably, in contradiction to what Western policy makers and their propagandists in the mainstream media try to picture to their simple-minded audience.

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