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Erdogan Claims He Arrested 15 Mossad Spies, Israel Denies, One of them is Lying

Turkish intelligence claims arresting Israeli Mossad spies

Erdogan, the Turkish madman and habitual liar said that his regime has arrested 15 spies working for the Israeli foreign assassination and war criminal organization known as the Mossad, a day later, a former official from this Mossad terrorist organization which is built on the concept ‘by way of deception thou shalt make war’ says that Erdogan is lying for some internal reasons.

One of them is lying, both are known to lie to achieve their goals, both of them mastered false flag operations to achieve political goals whatever the cost in blood and suffering of innocent people is, they have no limits in lying, so who is the bigger liar in this particular issue?

Well, logically, Erdogan needs any victory over any foreign party to shore up his popularity in his country which is at its lowest since he assumed power on the back of his own mentor Erbakan, who ironically cursed him before he died. The Turkish economy is collapsing, the Turkish Lira is losing value by the hour, the Turkish people are no longer happy with his foreign military adventures and war crimes, they were fine with those war crimes Erdogan is committing elsewhere as long as they were gaining from the spoils of those wars but there are no more victories in those wars, on the contrary, the sultan wannabe gains are being reversed, rapidly.

On the other hand, the Israelis will lose chances to help their spies, whether Turkish, Israeli, or others, if they disavow them. If they were their spies for real, they would need to at least show they care for them in order to keep recruiting more spies in the future, disavowing this large number of spies will not help the Israelis in their recruitment mission no matter how much the US taxpayers are ready to finance such recruitment.

There’s a saying ‘no honor among thieves,’ and since the Turkish regime of Erdogan is trying to prove to be an evil thieve stealing Syrian oil, antiquities, wheat, entire factories, and trying to steal Syrian land competing with the Israelis who did and do exactly the same since they came from Europe, only time will tell which one of them is lying in this case.

It can also be a third party who is playing both of them or working for one of them in order for the party they’re working for can act dumb and lie honestly!

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