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UN experts arrived in Damascus to investigate chemical weapons claims


The UN delegation was invited by the Syrian government in person of Bashar al-Jaafari to come to the Syrian capital in order to probe the allegations about the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict. Among the UN delegates is Ake Sellstrom, a Swedish scientist, who has been welcomed by Syrian officials upon his arrival in Damascus today.

A Russian investigation by experts in Russia with samples from the Syrian village of Khan al-Assad, which is located in the northern area of the strategically important city of Aleppo (Halab), came to the result that chemical weapons in the form of sarin nerve gas was used in the attack in March, 2013. The attack, carried out by foreign-backed terrorists against Syrian civilians and soldiers, caused the death of 26 killed people, including civilians and several Syrian soldiers.

The Russian-led inquiry about this attack has already found “first-hand evidence” that the foreign-supported terrorists (probably from the so-called “Free Syrian Army”) have carried out a chemical attack by the use of sarin nerve gas in this Syrian village of Khan al-Assal, As mentioned, this attack by this terrorist group has killed 26 people in March.

The Russian experts gave the samples and evidence (results of the investigation in a licensed lab by professional experts) already into the hands of the United Nations (UN) about two weeks ago. Since then, nothing was to hear from the UN about this.

The delegation of the United Nations (UN), which has arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus today, has the task to examine the claims about the use of chemical weapons in the ongoing Syrian conflict.

Of course, the question remains whether the United Nations (UN) does not trust Russian experts or why the statement about the use of chemical weapons by the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria is still just an allegation or claim and no fact, although Russian experts have found evidence and according to some Russian ministers, the evidence, found in the samples from the location of attack near Aleppo, is even “first-hand evidence” that the terrorist groups already have used sarin nerve gas in Syria.

Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo
Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan al Asal, Aleppo

Among the UN delegation to Syria are the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Angela Kane, as well as the Swedish scientist, Ake Sellstrom. Both arrived in the Syrian capital today and were already welcomed by Syrian officials. Angela Kane and Ake Sellstrom arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus from the neighbouring country Lebanon.

Both UN inspectors will soon have several meetings with Syrian officials and politicians in order to negotiate about the start of a bigger investigation into the “claims of the use of chemical weapons” in Syria.

As stated, while there is evidence that the foreign-backed terrorists have used sarin nerve gas in their attack against Syrian soldiers and civilians near the strategically important city of Aleppo in March, it is still called a claim or allegation, although the United Nations (UN) have already received the samples and evidence from the Russian side.

Even the UN investigator, Carla Del Ponte, said already some time ago that the testimony from victims of the conflict in Syria suggests that the armed terrorists have used the nerve agent, sarin. Sarin is classed as a weapon of mass destruction and thus, it is banned under international law since a long time.

As a sideline, the Syrian army has recently discovered further chemical materials in the capital, Damascus.

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