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Russia: Syrian Militants Used Sarin Nerve Gas

Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo

According to Russian experts, there is evidence that the foreign-backed militants in Syria have not only made Sarin nerve gas, but they also used it already in Syria – in a deadly attack in the countryside (Khan al-Asal) of the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) in March this year.

There is not much information so far but further reports by Russian news agencies and e.g. PressTV are sure published soon. At least, it seems that the foreign-supported militants have actually used Sarin nerve gas in their attack outside the Syrian city of Aleppo (Khan al-Asal) in March and thus, the allegations by some foreign governments in the West are again refuted – at least, in terms of the attack by militants outside Aleppo in March 2013.

Sarin (GB) is an organ phosphorus compound that is often used as a chemical weapon due to its good potency (but not mechanism) as a nerve agent and the production of Sarin nerve gas is not so complicated. The Sarin nerve gas, actually used by the militants in Syria in their deadly attack outside Aleppo (Khan al-Asal), was probably produced by them in one of the amateurish laboratories that could be seen in some videos at YouTube earlier this year.

Sarin is classified as a weapon of mass destruction (UN Resolution 687) and the production, as well as the stockpiling of Sarin, is outlawed since 1993. So-called nerve agents alter the neurotransmitters and kink the signaling between the nerves. Sarin is preventing the enzyme that normally demolishes the neurotransmitter when it has done its job to finally demolish it due to the position Sarin takes outside of the neurotransmitter.

This might sound not so horrible, but when the acetylcholine builds up in the human body due to the influence of the compound (Sarin), there is no other option left than becoming totally uncomfortable and to die later on. The human body and thus, the person, is killed by the accumulation of its own normal neurotransmitter telling the nerves what they should do, which is normal, but with the infestation with Sarin, the neurotransmitter is doing this in excess.

Sarin was discovered in 1939 in Germany by two German scientists. It was soon used as a chemical weapon and NATO adopted sarin as a standard chemical weapon in the 1950s. Then, Russia and the United States started the production of sarin for their military forces. And so on – the history of Sarin and its use as a chemical weapon is already very famous due to several sad reasons.

[googlemap src=”,+syria&aq=&sll=51.175806,10.454119&sspn=12.642795,33.815918&vpsrc=0&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Aleppo,+Syrien&z=12″ width=”500″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

When the Russian experts are correct about the evidence that proves the use of deadly sarin nerve gas by the foreign-backed militants outside the city of Aleppo in March 2013, the situation has completely changed into the direction, that one really has to fear about the lives of his relatives and families also in the still safe areas of Syria now.

Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo
Victim of chemical attack by Al-Qaeda FSA in Khan Asal, Aleppo

But not only this – the use of sarin as a deadly nerve gas in Syria by the jihadists and Takfiri terrorists draws a new picture on the involvement of the Turkish Erdogan regime and foreign agencies.

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  1. Arklight

    Very informative article, and thanks for the map! The US has, supposedly, destroyed its chemical weapons in toto, but I’ve no reason to believe that it’s true. Another site featured a small article in which some foreign guerillas were intercepted at an airport in Turkey, with Sarin in their possession. These guerillas were, apparently, passing through Turkey on their way to some destination in Syria. The disposition of the intercepted Sarin was not addressed. In my opinion, chemical and biological weapons are an abomination to God, and whomever makes them, transports them knowingly, or uses them is apostate and anathema. Probably sounds funny coming from a Christian, but that’s the way I feel.

    • M K

      no problem. Yeah.. its just difficult to write in a foreign language with such specific words lol.. but I tried my best. I am still surprised they use (used) sarin nerve gas.. it is not really so useful in those urban warfares (I think).. but we will see what happens after Russia finally handed over the evidence and chemical samples to the United Nations.. indeed, I just can agree to your words! those chemical weapons are horrible.

      • Arklight

        The Sarin intercepted by Turkey was, reportedly, 2 Kg so I’m wondering what the stencil on the canister was. Since it was routed through Turkey I’d suspect that it originated in the US, but that speculation; more importantly, I’m wondering what the disposition of the stuff was. The report I read noted the ‘interception’, but there was no mention of confiscation. Not good.
        Sarin in an urban action doesn’t really make a lot of sense, since civilian casualties would be inevitable, undoubtedly far higher than SAA casualties would be. The only thing I can think of, there, is a ‘scorched earth’ sort of thing – – if the guerillas are going to be driven out, and know it, well just kill everything in the surrounding area. That’s really stupid, but the citizenry doesn’t seem to have any love for ’em anyway, so the guerillas would lose nothing. Judging from the construction I’ve seen, they can’t burn the city, so killing everyone in the area is next best. I have a hard time thinking like that.

        Your English is fine. It’s about a mile above the level of most English language translations from almost anywhere. Don’t worry, it will get ‘fine tuned’ before the war is over.

        SAA and NDF are both greatly improving their skills at urban combat, and SAA armor is working better with the infantry. That’s encouraging, but I’m particularly impressed with the fact that commanders can bring themselves to risk troops in order to cut down on civilian casualties. That’s not an easy decision to make, but from what I’ve seen the troops understand and are willing to bear the higher casualties. That speaks volumes for the moral quality of the troops, and my hat’s off to ’em.

        As for the UN; don’t expect too much. If the US would cut off its funding tomorrow, by Sunday morning there’d be pigeons and bats living in the UN building. Maybe a couple of stray dogs and a couple hundred winos.

        I’m a little surprised that Turkey got conned into this hideous business. I thought that the Turks were smarter than that, but I guess they’ve never gotten over being beat into boot leather by Charlemagne, and are wishing for the good old days. Never happen.

        Note to SAA and NDF: good hunting.

  2. Arklight

    Hey, MK. CBS (Certified BS) News reported that ‘US intelligence’ verified ‘activity’ at a Syrian government C weapons depot, prior to the Sarin rocket attack on Syrian citizens. Conspicuous by absence is a statement as to who was ‘active’ at the depot, nor whether the depot was, or was not, in jihadi held area. Do you have any information on this? If my suspici0ns are accurate, (a) CIA ordered the jihadis to broach the depot stocks, (b) secure for use Syrian military rockets with attached Sarin canisters, (c) fire the rockets into a known heavily populated area, (d) secure victim tissue samples for analysis by the UN ‘inspection team), (e) wait for the UN report pinning the blame on SAA. We do know that the UN inspection team is quartered in a 5 star hotel, only about a 30 minute drive from the scene of the crime. Personally, I think that the UN ‘team’ is snuggled up to cold beer and the AC, with no intention of risking a sunburn. Any info? Nice map, thanks.

    • M. Klostermayr

      good question..mhhh. I think the same. In last year, when the amnesty girl was in Damascus, she rarly left the hotel and just enjoyed the mini bar, according to UN security statements. I will ask arabi souri whether he knows something in terms of your question!

    • Arabi Souri

      No Syrian Arab Army chemical weapon depot has been lost and all indications confirm there won’t be such a chance. The chemical agents fired of whatever nature if fired are brought from outside Syria through Turkey, either bought directly from Tekkim, the Turkish company which was the source of the agents allegedly used by Al Qaeda experiment on rabbits in Syria ( or from Libyan depots which were sent through Turkey, remember a couple of months ago the members arrested by Turkish intelligence in the security agencies anti and pro Muslim Brotherhood war in Turkey.
      As for the UN investigation team, they can’t move without signing a protocol and obtaining the approval of the Syrian government, time for moving seems not an issue for them to investigate as the Khan Assal incident urgency took them more than 5 months to start their investigations!

      • Arklight

        Time is not an issue with the UN ‘inspection’ team? Of course not. They’re quartered in a 5 star hotel and livin’ high on the hog – – why on earth would they have any notion of actually strarting their investigation? I don’t have much confidence in Arabi Souri reportage. For instance, it has been reported that some exotic weapons depots are in the hands of the rats, and until that information is verifiably resolved, I’m assuming that rat infested exotic weapons depots are a facto of war in Syria. I’ve never seen any reportage on the subject of who manufactured the government stocks, nor where they were manufactured so it seems possible, to me, that Syrian, Libyan and Turkish stocks were all manufactured at the same plant. Come to that, why would Turkey have need of C Weapons except for use on their own Kurds?

        Supposedly, all of the necessary paperwork was gotten out of the way before the UN inspection team checked in at their 5 star hotel, about a 30 minute drive from the site of the massacre, the rats are collecting victim tissue samples for analysis by the inspection team, so once again, what’s the hold up? The rats are, reportedly, doing everything they can to help the UN pin the atrocity on the Syrian government, so ‘safe passage’ into rat infested areas should not be a problem. My personal opinion is that Arabi Souri coverage of this issue is pretty much a canard.


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