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Russia: Use of Chemical Weapons by “Syrian Opposition” Is a Very Serious Precedent

Russia: Use of Chemical Weapons by “Syrian Opposition” Is Very Serious Precedent
Mar 20, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)- The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said the use of chemical weapons by “the Syrian opposition” is “a very serious precedent”.

“This incident constitutes a very worrying and serious development in the context of the crisis in Syria,” the Ministry said in a statement published on its website.

The statement expressed Russia’s deep concern “over weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of gunmen, which further aggravates the situation and pushes the confrontation in the country to a new level.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry called upon all rational parties in Syria to abandon violence and move to realistic steps towards achieving the political solution through negotiations based on the Geneva Statement adopted by the action group on Syria on June 30.

Terrorists fired a rocket containing chemical substances on Khan al-Asal area in the countryside of Aleppo. Information indicated that 25 people, mostly civilians, were killed and over 100 others were injured.

Moscow Voices Regret over Doha Coalition’s Election of So-called Prime Minister

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement that the Syrian opposition’s act of electing a “prime minister” may lead to further instability in Syria, voicing regret over this step which doesn’t help reach a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis and contradicts the Geneva statement.

Lukashevich said that this decision increases the danger of division as it not only excludes the supporters of the legitimate current Syrian government, but also excludes the opposition forces that aren’t part of the coalition.

He said that what happened and the statements made by Ghassan Hito, who was elected on Monday by the Doha coalition as a so-called “prime minister,” show that this coalition has shifted from its affirmations in support of dialogue made in February to its hardliner course of its statement in Doha in November 2012.

Lukashevich said that Russia still believes that the way out is through ending all kinds of violence and achieving tangible agreements between the Syrian government and the opposition according to the Geneva statement, reiterating calls to all sides to support this resolution and to refrain from obstructing it.

Matuzov: Chemical Attack in Aleppo Gives Justifications for Foreign Interference in Syrian Crisis

Russian Political Analyst, Vyacheslav Matuzov stressed that the goal of the terrorist crime which took place on Tuesday in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo where a chemical weapon was used is to bring the foreign interference in Syria.

The military escalation with the participation of the US and the West depending on the armed terrorist groups aims at frightening the Syrian people through such terrorist acts, Matuzov said in a phone call with the Syrian T.V, indicating that the opposition has been insisting on this idea since the beginning of the crisis.

“It was expected that such provocations will happen and some of the /opposition parties/ will resort to these dirty ways of using a chemical weapon to give the US and the West justifications to directly interfere in the Syrian crisis,” he said.

He pointed out that these attempts are doomed to fail as the West will not interfere despite of this shameful provocation.

He criticized the double- standard policy adopted by the US, saying “on one hand, they say that they support the Russian stances in Geneva Conference, and on the other hand, they call for arming the armed groups in Syria by Arab and foreign sides.”

“We understand the hasty stance of the US which supports the military solution, and we tell them that Russia is firm in its stances and we will not abandon our firm stances under the US pressures…in these circumstances the US and the West can only depend on illegal armed groups which violate the international law,” he added.

He went on saying that the US game is faced by the Syrian people and their army which confronts the provocations and the challenges, and defends the homeland and the Syrians’ interests . He asserted that Russia’s stances towards the events in Syria are firm and they come in line with the interests of the two friendly peoples.

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