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CNN From Syria: Anchor of al Qaeda and Death


by Vladimir Suchan

CNN from Syria: Anchor of al Qaeda and Death (with Clarissa Ward going for “the look”)–creating an “art-effect” of mind programming through “news.”

CNN tried and still tries to romanticize al Qaeda’s war on Syria. In doing so, one of its iconic faces served to the masses is that of Clarissa Ward who, in that capacity, tried to match and imitate one another cultural icon in the West from several decades ago. That of Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal (evokes the Apocalypse).

Bergman: “The final scene when Death dances off with the travelers was, as I said, shot at Hovs Hallar. We had packed up for the day because of an approaching storm. Suddenly, I caught sight of a strange cloud. [Cinematographer] Gunnar Fischer hastily set the camera back into place. Several of the actors had already returned to where we were staying, so a few grips and a couple of tourists danced in their place, having no idea what it was all about. The image later became famous for the Dance of Death beneath the dark cloud.”

Also note that in this (fore)casting of the shadow, it is Death that is the Grand Chess Master (not Putin, the Petit).

seventh seal
seventh seal
image-Ward of death
Ward of death
ward of death
Ward of death
ward of death
Ward of death
seventh seal
seventh seal
Ward of death has no concern for this suffering, which requires a soul
seventh seal

Postscript from Miri Wood:  Though I wish that this chilling poetic art exhibit could be published as is, I think some background may be useful.  On 1 August, Clarissa Ward gave CNNs affluent international audience to Australian al Qaeda leader, Mostafa Mahamed, in an effort to rehabilitate al Qaeda takfiri, in the eyes of the world — despite him being on the US’ “terrorist list.”  Contrary to Anderson Cooper’s lies of 2011*, that there were no foreign terrorists slaughtering Syrians, Mahamed reported being in the SAR for five years, originally deployed put a halt to the fratricide among other foreign savages in Syria.  Ward has admitted to having illegally entered the Syrian Arab Republic, on multiple occasions and has won several awards for interviewing foreign beheaders on their reasons for being also being [illegal alien terrorists] “fighters”  against the Arab Republic.

Aussie takfiri Mostafa Mahamed, freudianly posed, in Syria

On 8 August, UN war criminal Samantha Power invited Ward of death, along with other death cultists against Syria, to speak at yet another diplomatic anti-Syria meeting.  Though such UN sessions there are status quo — “it is a place to demolish peace and security, to destabilize societies. It’s very easy, very easy at the United Nations, to destroy a country” — Power slipped in a bit of rehabilitation of takfiri Jabhat al Nusra, in noting that they had aligned with moderate terrorists in trying to keep the Syrian Arab Army from liberating eastern Aleppo from its terrorist stranglehold.

The following photograph was published on 11 October, showing Syrian civilians being brought out of east Aleppo, by their military, to be taken to shelters provided by the Syrian government, while the Syrian Arab Army cleanses the savages who have been occupying their homes and neighborhoods.  While of course I was greatly relieved to see a safe escort for these people, I was disturbed to see all the women wearing the burka.  Many Syrian women wear hijab, but neither burka nor niqab are common clothing in Syria.  Women living under the occupation of foreign-funded and armed terrorists, though, are forced to wear the clothing dictated to them, by their male kidnappers.  It also cannot be missed, that while Ward of death was embedded with her friends, the freedom-loving terrorists, she was also forced to alter her appearance (were this her choice, why did she not appear at the UN in niqab?).

relief from death

I watched my first “beheading” video, in 2012, or ’13.  It was an exercise in applied forensics analysis, as I was trying to learn if anything my media was reporting about “the regime,” was true.  It was ghastly, and I had an overwhelming sense that the crowd of demons and the killers were dressed like something out of this, The Seventh Seal, but having misplaced the video, I focused on the garb worn by the original human garbage, and the clothes I had imagined, were always missing (though the brain-injuries and/or inbreeding were apparent):

After seeing Vladimir’ Suchin’s stunning album, I again went in search of that old video, which appears to still be missing.  But, someone did take a video of the original uploaded — by the takfiri — and I took screenshots (not of the two beheadings of Syrian men, one with a very dull knife).  I was wrong about the bizarre sense of style being from the movie, but the sense of insane brutality, savagery, invasion, of The Seventh Seal was palpable.

These atrocities took place in Idlib, a favorite Syrian location for invading takfiri, and the Ward of death journalists, and the various western mercenaries such as the NYC born and reared barbarian and ‘convert to  Wahhabism,’ Bilal Kareem.

An unknown number of native Syrians have been slaughtered in Idlib, and their homes, businesses, and farms have been colonized by the world’s human garbage.

One of two Chechens who did the beheadings. Their knowledge of Arabic was limited.

Originally, I was confused to see more than a few men who looked Chinese — one of whom was taking photos with his cellphone — at this horrific event that Syrian boys were forced to attend.  That was before I had heard of the Uighars, Chinese terrorists who actually are flown from China by the Saudis, given some money, and deployed into the SAR to commit such atrocities as to make Satan blush.

A Chinese member of the “Syrian rebels.”
Non-Syrian “Syrian rebel” of unknown nationality.
Another non-Syrian “Syrian rebel” of an unknown homeland.

*August 2011 interview of Ambassador al Ja’afari, during which the $10,000,000 per year liar Cooper says ‘it’s not true’ that foreigners had invaded the diplomat’s country and were slaughtering his people.

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  1. Z231

    I have found out that Brita Hagi Hasan, “‘President of the City Council of Aleppo” has been nominated for the The 2016 World Mayor Prize. Who is that man?

  2. miri

    He is a terrorist and self-proclaimed.

    Because he is a terrorist, he is currently being wined and dined in Paris, along with other terrorists of the death squads called the White Helmets.


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