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Countdown to Chemical Attack False Flag And The Ensuing Three Musketeers ‘Retaliation’


The countdown to the false flag chemical attack in Idlib and the ensuing ‘retaliation’ of the Three ‘Mouseketeers’ has begun. On 29 August, SANA reported

Under the supervision of foreign mercenaries and the protection of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, a Turkish truck carrying gas cylinders entered Idleb in order to fabricate a new play on usage of chemical weapons with the participation of members of the “White Helmets.” Local and media sources said that terrorist groups secured the entering of Turkish truck to the Syrian territory of Jisr al-Shughour and the northern countryside of Hama through Bab al-Hawa crossing, accompanied by vehicles of al-Nusra and the so-called ”Turkistan Party” after being loaded with long blue gas cylinders from the southern neighborhoods of Idleb…

On 30 August, Pan Arab Almayadeen TV hosted a debate which included an operative from Tel Aviv who revealed that Israel may be launching yet another aggression against Syria under the pretext of fighting the Iranian presence in the SAR. No matter that  Syria has the right of international law, to invite in any allies of its choosing, nor that any country to enter or bomb Syria has committed war crimes according to the Geneva Treaties.

Al-Qaeda press liaison Heather Nauert again expressed her heartfelt concerns about a “humanitarian disaster” and another [false flag] chemical attack, this time in Idlib. Nauert condemned the right of Syria to free Syria of foreign terrorists, condemned the advances of the Syrian Arab Army to liberate Idlib from these killers.



Nauert has yet to explain the anomaly of being on the side of Saudi al-Qaeda terrorist Muhaysini, who is on the SDN ‘kill list.’

Forked-tongue Spec Envoy Steffan de Mistura has also returned to the stage to also cry his crocodile tears for civilians. He gave a press conference also, to show his concern for these civilians, “many of them are women and children,” but he didn’t say a word about the many Syrian children who have recently been kidnapped by White Helmets and other terrorists occupying Idlib. They were kidnapped so their bodies could be used as fake evidence of the chemical attack.

One of de Mistura’s tongues was forced to admit that “an extremely high concentration of foreign fighters and in particular the highest number of al-Nusra, al-Qaeda fighters” are in Idlib and that Syria has a right to defend its citizenry but the rest of his tongues lied that Syria might use a chemical attack on these foreign terrorists or had amnesia about his part in helping terrorists move from Aleppo into Idlib. He had previously promised to use his body as a human shield that that terrorists could leave Aleppo with their “dignity” and their weapons (he didn’t show up). Now he complains that there is no place for the terrorists to go, “there is no other Idlib.”

A novel idea from MP Fares Shehabi for NATO to take their terrorists back home. This would avoid the need of a false flag chemical attack.

Civilians in Idlib have been under the torture of terrorists since the very beginning of this war. Turkey transported ever type of mercenary into Syria, via its border that still contains almost 200,000 landmines.

Massacres were committed against the real civilians, the real Syrian people of Idlib since the beginning of the crisis. Terrorists from Chechnya, Uighurs of China, entire families from the Caucasus region invaded Idlib, slaughtered Syrians, stole their homes, displaced those they didn’t slaughter. Massacres in Jisr Al-Shoghour and Ishtabraq in 2015 saw the deaths of over 200 civilians, by foreign Al-Nusra Front while the silence of the west was shameful.

Here are a few photographic reminders of the ”genetically altered Syrian opposition” who committed atrocities in Idlib:

Chinese member of the “Syrian rebels.”


One of two Chechens who did the beheadings. Their knowledge of Arabic was limited.

Those who survived the massacres in Idlib of the foreign terrorist ”settlers” were forced to flee to other parts of Syria, like Latakia. For these civilians, forced to be refugees in their own country, there are no tears from Nauert and de Mistura.

Idlib WMDs Douma 2.0 — Iraq Redo. Stage is ready.

The US, France, and the UK are again threatening to bomb Syria under the pretext of a chemical attack on Idlib. They ignore the facts that Syria — unlike the US — turned over its chemical materials to the OPCW in 2014. They ignore the facts that while they all admit al-Qaeda is alNusra and that these gangs are terrorists, they continue to condemn all of Syria’s military successes in ridding itself of these killers. They continue to demand that terrorists be protected.  Even after Douma, when the corrupt OPCW admitted no chemical attacks had occurred, these mobsters who run the UN continue to threaten to be al Qaeda’s other air force against Syria. Warships carrying advanced weapons are ready in the Persian Gulf.  They are ready to again bomb Syria based on continuing fabrications of chemical attacks by “foreign fighters” in Syria.

chemical attack
War criminal May, ready with her ‘evidence’ of chemical attack.


1990, 15 yr old “Nariya” lied that she witnessed “Saddam’s troops” smash incubators and dozens of neonates in a Kuwaiti hospital. Criminally fake news wept, and did not know her father was the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, Saudi Nasir al Sabah.

As the three criminal Mouseketeers running the UN continue to threaten more war crimes against Syria, it’s important to notice this interesting description from the SANA report: About 20 people with dark brown skin who speak French and English supervised the loading and getting the cylinders off the truck, according to sources.

French- and English-speaking foreigners supervising the movement of canisters that may contain weapons-grade chemical materials? Don’t they sound like mercenaries, imported from certain regions of the African continent, employed and deployed by the US, UK, France?

More lies, and fabricated pretext by the US, especially, which attacked Iraq in 2003 under the shameful lie of weapons of mass destruction. More than 1 million Iraqis were slaughtered by not one war criminal has even been indicted, not Bush nor Cheney nor Guterres good friend, Tony Blair.

Guterres with Tony Blair at the 1999 Socialist International conference.

Does it matter that this mobster trio holds elections, if every politician elected continues the same lies and the same war crimes, only changing countries?

US, France, UK want to threaten Syria, warning of more bombings for al-Qaeda if we dare to liberate Idlib from the terrorists they have sent to our country. We don’t need to commit any chemical attack and we already turned in our arsenal, unlike the United States. We are winning on the ground.

Moreover, the concerns about Syrian civilians is the responsibility of Syria, only — not the responsibility of the murderous countries of US, UK, France along with their Turkish and Israeli peons.

The military presence of any and all of these countries on Syrian soil is illegal. Let the savage colonialist UK UN ambassador and current UN president, Karen Pierce read the Geneva Treaties. US’ military presence in Syria is a war crime.

The U.S. wants to say if you want to liberate Idlib we are going to bomb Syria! Syria is winning on the ground and doesn’t need any chemical attack, Syria has given its chemical stockpile earlier in 2013 under international supervision and on a US ship. Moreover, the one and only who concerns about Syrian civilians is Syria. While Turkey, Israel, the U.S. and its allies have been supporting the jihadists since 2011, if not before! We have to mention the illegal presence of the U.S. and its military bases in Syrian territory like al-Rmelian, al-Hasaka with the help of separatists Kurds like the so-called SDF who are bucked by the U.S. and played dirty roles against Syrians trying to ‘Kurdishize’ the region under their control including forcing a Kurdish education system and Kurdish language on the population there, displace the Syrians from the areas which have Kurdish presence. They put their hands on Syrian harvest there! Humanity is a shameful lie, the West is still fooling its people with it to go on in its aggression on our people.

Hands off Syria

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