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Cairo: Morsi reiterated calls on the Egyptian Opposition

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

The Egyptian Pharaoh and alleged President Mohamed Morsi has reiterated his call for a dialogue with the Egyptian opposition groups yesterday. Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi said that he wants a dialogue with the several opposition groups in Egypt in order to create a roadmap to establish a bridge between all sides and to eliminate all the disagreements between them.

Of course, there is a reason why the Egyptian President Morsi has reiterated his call on the several opposition groups in Egypt. In some days, planned mass protests will again take place to demand earlier and new presidential elections in Egypt. These mass protests will take place on June 30 and thus, Morsi has a reason to play the nice guy for the public and foreign media.

For example, Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi said yesterday, that he “invites everyone for a balanced dialogue without preconditions” in order “to discuss what would achieve the interests of our nation”. This statement alone is already funny (and sad) because Morsi, since he came in power in Egypt by the help of foreign nations, was never able to really help the Egyptian people and he never really tried to do so.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi also said, that he wants all political groups “to meet the aspirations of” the Egyptian people while he is just doing what some specific powers want and never really cared about the partly poor and jobless Egyptian people on the streets.

In addition, the capital Cairo is still as dirty as many do know this huge city and the amount of sexual assaults against Egyptian and foreign women has even increased since this Islamist Pharaoh came into power in the actual nice country of Egypt; while these two examples are not the only bad facts about the “development” of the Egyptian nation after the so-called “revolution” and “Arab Spring” within Egypt.

Egypt’s President Morsi has also again criticized the preconditions by Egyptians opposition groups, which is undoubtful to believe because such a person and Muslim Brotherhood member is rarely able to accept preconditions in talks with some preconditions as it is known from real democratic people and debates. Preconditions should never be a reason to not speak with each other and it is clear as the sky that also Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have preconditions and an agenda, partly implemented by foreign powers.

Morsi even suggested that there should be no preconditions but recommendations by the Egyptian opposition group(s). This is also funny because he really needs hints and recommendations about how to improve the everyday life of the Egyptian people and how to lead Egypt into a better future for all the Egyptians. Something which just did not happen so far since Morsi was pushed into power.


You can even read more funny but also sad quotes of Egyptian`s President and Pharaoh Morsi here. Do not laugh, he probably even believes his own lies and stupid comments in order to maintain the already known propaganda.

We should also not forget about the fact that the Islamist President of Egypt and the U.S. slave Morsi supports the jihadists and Islamists who are fighting in our beloved Syria for an Islamist state and the goals of foreign imperialistic powers.

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