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Roula Adnan, Activist Killed while Praying

femicide - Roula Adnan murdered in Syria

Roula Adnan Hokouk woke up on 21/6/2013 like she did everyday in the early morning hours to perform dawn prayers and to recite Koran, she’s a devoted Muslim. Having washed, she knelt on the prayer’s carpet, but nothing about that day was normal.

Minutes later her neighbors in AlQmi’eh – Yabroud woke up on the sound of shooting, later they learned that Roula was murdered.

Terrorists from the Revolution Battalions broke into her home, searched for Roula and shot her as she knelt to pray, right in front of her scared family. The group of terrorists who have hidden their faces dragged the unmoving body of Roula out of her bedroom, then they shot her again repeatedly on the head to make sure they’ve killed the 24 years old girl. Having finished their holy mission the terrorists threatened the stricken family telling them they deserved to be killed like Roula, then they fired several shots at them and left.

This is how the costly search of Roula, one of the admins of Yabroud News FB page ended. The terrorists have promised a million Syrian Pound for any info on the admins, apparently someone was greedy enough to sell Roula and her friends. Like many Syrian FB pages, all the admins did was share news on the terrorists’ activities, the atrocities they committed, how they robbed Syrians and made life impossible. To FSA, that was enough excuse for execution…

And just before coming after Roula, the same “rebels”, the ones that the MSM is romanticizing broke into another home. They carried a man from Khalil family to the street and shot his hands and feet. Then they beaten up his wife and daughter, right in front of the neighbors. The terrorists wanted Syrians to witness the crime; they wanna scare us into submission.

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