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Obama Regime Wants More Support For Jihadists in Syria

NATO Islamists Declare Jihad

The White House, under Barack “The Drone” Obama, has called (see here) for further support of the foreign-backed jihadists and gunmen in Syria in order to maintain the regime change in the secular Arab nation in the Middle East, although the administration of the United States called the reason to “put an end to the imbalance” in the conflict in Syria.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry, a slave of the hidden agenda without a backbone and probably already guilty for some crimes, said in his speech at the meeting of the enemies of Syria in the totalitarian dictatorship Qatar today, that the jihadists and terrorists need further support by which he means more weapons. US Secretary of State John Kerry also stated the reason, as written above. He said they need more weapons “to be able to address the imbalance on the ground”.

US Secretary of State John Kerry further added the following words to his speech to the enemies of the secular nation of Syria:

“The United States and other countries here — in their various ways, each choosing its own approach — will increase the scope and scale of assistance to the political and military opposition.” (John Kerry, American terrorist)

The so-called US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to some foreign ministers of France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Turkey, thus, the gang behind the terrorism, proxy war, and bloodshed in Syria; among them, nobody is without guilt.

They call themselves the “Friends of Syria” while they meet in terrorist-backer Qatar and do everything possible to support the jihadists and gunmen who are killing, massacring and raping women and men in Syria. These victims are civilians, the blood is on the hands of these mentioned governments as well as at their supported perpetrators on the ground.

The Qatari Prime Terrorist Supporter Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani said at the same meeting of the enemies of secular Syria that giving more weapons in the hands of the militants is the only way to achieve what he called peace in Syria. History should tell us different things, shouldn’t it? By the way, more arms, more victims. Isn’t it easy like that? It is obvious that the Qatari fat man was lying in order to maintain the propaganda of these terrorist-supporters and enemies of the Syrian people.

NATO Islamists declare Jihad against Syria
NATO Islamists declare Jihad against Syria

Already on Friday, the foreign-backed jihadists and militants announced that they had received new weapons that could change the balance of the current battles on Syrian soil, while the Syrian army isn’t taking these words too serious currently. Why should they? The Syrian units are finally clearing one area after another, at least. It was about time.

These clowns, uneducated thugs and religious fanatics with guns, supported by foreign nations and powers, can say what they want – because it is nothing else than lies or just plain simple – shit.

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