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Biden Bombs a Truck Carrying Food Near the Syrian Borders with Iraq

US Biden forces bomb a truck carrying food items near Bu Kamal northeast Syria

Joseph Biden continues his illegal military operations in Syria authorizing a drone bombing of a truck carrying food near the Syrian border city of Bu Kamal without warning.

Local sources told SANA that forces loyal to the head of the ‘most inclusive and diverse’ junta of the USA illegally bombed a truck carrying the food items on the road to the Al Suweiya village in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province near the borders with Iraq, the truck is destroyed.

The sources added that there were no human casualties in this illegal bombing and the truck was parked on the side of the road, the driver was not in his vehicle for some unknown reasons, could be a nature call, we’re just speculating.

Usually, trucks loaded with food items headed to ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq are protected by Biden forces, what drove Joseph Biden to bomb this particular truck is not known yet, maybe if Biden can enlighten us or at least his people who put him in the office will tell us why, first of all he’s carrying military operations in Syria without the approval of the Syrian government, actually against the will of the Syrian government, then why he’s spending the US taxpayers attacking trucks carrying food when he publicly stated he’s interested in fighting ISIS; unless his dementia is affecting his mental capabilities and he forgot his troops in Syria and his war ministry is now running out of his control.

It is the same Biden junta who were hysterically working to allow humanitarian crossings into Al Qaeda-controlled Idlib earlier this month and ‘celebrated the cooperation with Russia which led to a unanimous UNSC resolution‘ extending the crossing for an additional year for the Idlib terrorists, that has bombed a food truck on the other side of Syria!

Biden took over the command of the US oil thieves regiments and the US military units assigned to protect ISIS in Syria from his predecessor Donald Trump ‘I like oil, we’re keeping the oil‘ orange man who in turn took over the command of the same forces illegally deployed in Syria from his predecessor, Joseph Biden who was ‘running Barack Obama’ at the White House. The Syrian government has constantly called on the regimes of Biden 1, Trump, and the current Biden 2 to remove their troops from Syria, immediately and unconditionally for everybody’s safety.

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