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Barbarians Celebrate Greek Orthodox Holy Week Kidnapping Archbishops

Kidnapped Priests

Aleppo, Activists: Today, in celebration of the Greek Orthodox Holy Week, the Wahhibi Sex Jihadists, including barbarians from Chechnya, have kidnapped two members of the Greek Orthodox clergy, who were en route to negotiate release of Syrian civilians from al-Nusra terrorists (check video at the end of this article).

Boulous Yazigi, Archbishop the Greek Orthodox Church of Aleppo, whose brother is John X, the newly elected Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim of Aleppo, are being held hostage. Their unnamed driver was murdered and his body thrown from the vehicle.

Archbishop Kidnapped Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim
Archbishop Kidnapped Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim

In an ironic timing, too perverse to be considered coincidental, George Sabra, a Christian, was today selected as interim head of the mostly Muslim Brotherhood Syrian opposition, located in Qatar.

Sabra replaces Moath “Royal Dutch Shell” Khatib, who resigned for the second time — despite receiving a $4 million villa to house a fake Syrian embassy, from Qatar’s absolute monarch after his first resignation — because NATO has not quite given Syria the Libya treatment.

In his first public comment since his selection, Sabra ignored the kidnappings and murder of his fellow Christians, and instead brayed that Hezbollah is killing Syrians, which of course was immediately reported by Saud-owned al Alarabiya press.

A video released earlier by NATO supported ‘freedom fighters’ in Aleppo, a Chechen terrorist group, showed a number of kidnapped civilians almost naked with their hands tied to their backs in a dark room, speaking Chechen language and threatening to apply their anti-Islam Sharia law on the ‘infidels because they support their state’:

M. W.

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  1. Deacon Richard

    Just a correction that we are a week away from the Orthodox Holy Week. Nonetheless, a huge tragedy for all of Syria and its people regardless of their beliefs. May The One God bring these men of peace to safety and deliver Syria from those who wish it harm.

    God Bless Syria!

  2. wahid

    90%of wahabi sharia are against holly quran,,90%of wahabi hadeeth are enemy of holly quran from which sharia they are talking about israhelli sharia or usa shria or or amaway sharia or brainless mental and sick sharia bastards they do not know nothing about islam those bastards rats will die with pain by our hands like we killed them in afghanistan,,,hundres of tousands of them has been massacred by our hands,,those chechen if i catch them i will take out their skin from their body i wish i catch them.,,


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