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SAA Operation in Latakia Kills Scores of Saudi Terrorists

SAA image

A military operation by the Syrian Arab Army in the countryside of Syria’s main port city Latakia near the borders of Turkey resulted in scores of terrorists killed among which were many Saudi nationals with other non-Syrians.

Mrej, Bashura, Karura, Kasatil and Mazil villages were the main battle field of the military operation between specialized units of the SAA, Syrian Arab Army, and heads of terrorist groups and most dangerous foreign terrorists who sneaked into Latakia mountainous countryside from Turkey with the help of Erdogan thugs in the Turkish intelligence forces. The terrorists were tracked and targeted with a very delicate and precise operation in this rough terrain.

Syrian Arab Army Badge
Syrian Arab Army Badge

NATO propagandists aka mainstream media never mentions losses among the terrorists and tries always to give the impression that all killed in the Syrian crisis are civilians, in order to raise whatever is left of the moral of the Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists imported from all quarters of the planet to ‘democratize’ Syria the Libyan or Somalian way. However, a military source from the field gave the following names, which should pop up online on social media pages ‘praising the martyrs’ who wasted their lives and ruined the lives of others for nymphs they’re promised for eternity, not aware they’ll be mating with their male virgins in hell fire instead, the names obtained are: Khaled Ghafqi, Khaled Samerai, Adham Majed, Sultan Harni, Faisal Al-Abdallah and Karim Khalidi from Saudi Arabia, the oasis of freedoms, liberties and democracy, Abu Alainain Shannout and Abdul Rahman Anzawi from Egypt, and Tunisian nicknamed Abu Khaled among others, all were commanders of small ruthless terrorist groups.

Sample of a Wahhabi Sex Jihadist fighting to establish Freedom and promote Democracy in Syria
Sample of a Wahhabi Sex Jihadist fighting to establish Freedom and promote Democracy in Syria

SAA is advancing in many directions all over the country where Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists have infested and dealing them a major defeat after another, mainly in Damascus countryside, Idleb and Aleppo countryside and most notably in Homs countryside securing the borders with Lebanon near Al-Qussayr.

Al-Nusra Front Terrorists
Al-Nusra Front Terrorists – Archive

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