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More GCC Nationals Killed Fighting Syrians

Abdulla Balouchi

NATO social media pages on Facebook and other social media sites have no issue praising international Wahhabis Sex Jihadists fighting and getting killed in Syria, as if all the decade the USA made the world live under the impression of War on Terror was never lived. We were told that 11 cavemen from the terrorist organization Al Qaeda flew 2 airplanes into 2 towers in New York in the USA on September 11, 2001 killing around 3,000 men and women, and the ensuing wars the US and its allies launched left 2 countries devastated, millions killed, more millions dismembered, even more millions displaced and all kinds of suffering lived. After a full decade, the US uses the members of the same terrorist organization to spread ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in more countries, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and in Syria.

Call it Conspiracy Theory, as far as that satisfied you, but this terrorist organization ie Al Qaeda, has always served the interests of the US and its state 52 Israel after Saudi Arabia. Its men are always ready to be deployed and attack countries the US needs to control then NATO, the large international terrorist organization, intervenes to fight these brainwashed Jihadists!! In Syria, all is clear and NATO member states are not hiding this from the public, yet many insist on not understanding it clearly.

Truth & the Conspiracy Theory

Many of the Facebook social media pages recirculated posts of a ‘martyrdom’ of a United Arab Emirates national a so called Abdulla Youssef Al Meran Al Balouchi in Syria praising the ‘heroic Jihad’ he was doing and the fact he’s being the 3rd to come from this rich state in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. What would force a young man from such a rich country to leave everything behind and go fight in a country which never posed as a threat to his, and definitely he’s not coming under his government’s authority, as we hope.

UAE terrorist Abdulla Youssef Al Meran Balouchi
UAE terrorist Abdulla Youssef Al Meran Balouchi

The news of the waste of this pre-historic NATO’s agent in Syria is not fresh, he was reported killed middle of last month March and one website mentioned the dead terrorist upon reaching Syria called his mother to tell her their next meeting will be in heaven..! We, with our combined knowledge of Islam, and asking so many knowledgeable scholars, we get the same conclusion: Islam prohibits Jihad against non-enemies, and mostly and strictly prohibits Jihad (holy fight) against other Muslims.. And the last time we checked and it was parroted by mainstream media worldwide, that Syria has at least 70% Muslims of the Sunni sect alone, which is also reflected in the Syrian government, SAA the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian parliament. The only doctrine that pushes men into fighting Muslims in the name of Islam is the Wahhabi ideology, a British created ideology based on hatred and ugliness to distort the image of a divine religion.

Recycling the waste of this man’s life in Syria again last night by some NATO’s social media sites could be only to the fact the terrorists are losing big and needs recruits from non-Syrians to fight Syrians inside Syria.

Abdulla Al Hammadi was another UAE terrorist killed in Syria and oddly a staff colonel from the UAE army said to be retired but seems retired so young (!) he was Muhammad Abdouli, a ‘retired’ staff colonel from the UAE army, originally from the quiet emirate of Fujairah on the eastern coast of the UAE, was killed on March 03, 2013, in Raqqa city north of Syria and was praised again by NATO propagandists for training Al Qaeda FSA terrorists in Syria.

Terrorist Abdouli

Did someone say it was a ‘spontaneous public uprising‘ by the ‘Syrians’ against their own country, state, heritage, people, army and government?!

Damascus, Rally, Bashar al-Assad
Damascus, Rally, Bashar al-Assad

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