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Arsonists Who Burned Down 280 Villages in 3 Syrian Provinces Executed

wildfire in Syria - Summer 2020

Twenty-four arsonists were executed on 20 October, in Syria for their crimes of setting almost two hundred fires in Latakia, Tartous, and Homs beginning on 9 October 2020, coordinated fires that took over three days to put out. The vermin ignited one hundred eighty-seven fires which engulfed 280 villages and towns.

Arsonists set simultaneous fires in Latakia, Tartous, and Homs

The arsonists destroyed 13,000 hectares / 32,123.7 acres of agricultural lands (more than 11,000 hectares / 27,182 acres of forest lands were also destroyed). Thousands of olive trees, citrus trees, and apple trees were destroyed. Three hundred-seventy homes were destroyed, much livestock was killed by the flames, and infrastructure related to water, electricity, telephones, and of course, sanitation were destroyed.

It took three days to extinguish the flames. Farmers, professional firefighters worked on putting out the fires by land. Syrian and Russian helicopters and planes filled with seawater were also used in the three days of extinguishment.

The cost of the destruction was 30 billion lira ($23,850,000).

The three days of fire-fighting in the Syrian Arab Republic were barely mentioned in western media sources.

These cold-blooded savages were not cowardly, pathetic, pyromaniacs, but malicious, hired arsonists who had met to plot their carnage; fires were set in the three governates simultaneously, to maximize the carnage, the chaos.

The Syrian government has not made public who paid these twenty-four arsonists to destroy people’s lives, but it is likely the same NATO / NATO-allied criminals who have funded the failed NATO Spring, in a black bag operation (courtesy of western taxpayers).

How much the arsonists were paid has also not been released, though one thing is clear: If there is a hell, they did not bring the blood money with them.

If there is a hell, the twenty-four arsonists will have an eternity in which to ponder their malicious devastation, somewhat ironically.

Miri Wood

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