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Yemen Army Neutralizes 35 Saudi Officers in a Ballistic Missile Strike

Yemen Army Spokesperson Brigadier Yahya Saree

Yemen Army delivered a strong blow to the Saudi army eliminating 35 officers in a ballistic missiles strike on the ‘Al Wajib’ military base in Jizan yesterday, the spokesperson for the Yemen armed forces Brigadier Yahya Saree stated.

The Yemen Army, the real one operating from the Yemen capital Sanaa, not the one that reports to the ousted Yemen President residing in a hotel in the Saudi capital, fired 5 ballistic missiles against the Saudi military base in response to the continuous war crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition to destroy Yemen because it has oil of its own and it oversees strategic waterways and because destroying another Arab and Muslim country helps Israel.

The missile force, thanks to God, was able to carry out a qualitative operation targeting the Al Wajib Forces camp in Jizan yesterday, Wednesday, with five ballistic missiles targeting the command headquarters, weapons stores, and the hangars of the Apache helicopters, and the injuries were accurate.

Yemen Army spokesperson Brigadier Yahya Saree tweet thread.

Brigadier Saree added: ‘This operation comes in the context of responding to the aggression’s crimes, its continuous raids and its unjust siege on our country,’ stressing that the longer the Saudi coalition ‘continues in its air escalation and persists in its wrongdoing and its siege, the consequences for it will be dire, and our strikes will be painful, excruciating and extensive.’

Despite the international overwhelming criticism and condemnation, the Al Saud continue their brutal, bloody, useless, genocidal war against one of the poorest Arab countries for no particular reason. The Saudis are able to continue with their war crimes against Yemen, and against other Arab and Muslim countries under the complete protection of the USA and the UK, and in case there’s a tiny shortage in that protection, other countries jump to rescue them, sadly including Russia for no obvious moral reason.

The Al Saud regime admitted the bombing and the heavy toll among its forces in its own way: they carried out 4 air raids bombing the electricity and water authority in the Al Thawra region to the north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, and a medicine warehouse in the Saawan region to the east of Sanaa, the Saudi ‘retaliation killed 3 civilians and injured 3 others.

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