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Yemen Army shot down a Saudi Apache helicopter

Yemen Army shot down a Saudi Apache helicopter

The Yemen Army shot down a Saudi Apache helicopter over Yemen with a new surface-to-air missile

“Yemeni air defenses shot down a Saudi Apache helicopter with a surface-to-air missile,” Yemeni armed forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya Serai said.

He added that it was shot down this morning in Majazah area off Asir while conducting hostilities. Its crew of two Saudis were killed and completely burned.”

The Yemen Army spokesperson pointed out that the operation was by using a new technology that will be revealed later.

This operation is also documented with the audio and video by the Military Media, according to Brigadier Sarei.

He stressed that “approaching the Yemeni airspace is prohibited and will not be a place for picnic for anyone and it will address all attempts by enemies until it reaches the full protection of Yemeni airspace.”

This new setback adds to the failures the more than 4.5 years of useless unjustified war waged by the world’s super-rich against the poorest Arab country trying to bring it into submission under the US hegemony.

Last August, this summer, the Saudi Armed Forces and their mercenaries suffered a very large scale humiliating defeat when the Yemen Armed Forces captured more than 2000 Saudis and mercenary officers and soldiers. The panicking Saudis killed more than 200 of their own troops to prevent them from surrendering to the Yemen Armed Forces.

Also, this above attack comes 3 weeks before the famous attack with missiles and drones by the Yemen Armed Forces against the Saudi, and maybe the world’s largest refineries and oil processing and storing facilities of Aramco in the eastern Saudi provinces.

The Saudis have previously bombed a prison in Yemen holding dozens of the Saudi and mercenary prisoners of wars in order to avoid negotiating their release and having to give concessions.

Israeli embattled prime minister Netanyahu threatened to attack Yemen to help the Saudis, the threats backfired immediately with the Yemen Army and top officials promising to retaliate very swiftly and strong against any such Israeli attack.

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  1. M.Ini

    Maybe the Empire people started to limit their pro-global services when they are used to spread news of their crimes:
    I got this page translated by the Google translator for a friend who doesn’t speak English, and seconds later the same link says “not found” (but I had the translated page still open in a browser tab so I could sent him screen snapshots… this time).


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