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President Assad Inspects the Aftermath of the Fires in Latakia Countryside

President Assad inspects the fires aftermath in Latakia countryside

President Bashar Al Assad toured today a number of villages in the Syrian countryside of the coastal Latakia province, the areas affected by the fires that torched large swaths of lands over the provinces of Latakia, Tartous, and Homs over three days earlier this week.

The Syrian President met the locals and listened to their urgent needs and requirements to resume life during his tour, he was accompanied by ministers and governors involved in handling the disaster.

“This is a national disaster on the human, economic, and environmental levels.”

President Bashar Assad describing the fires in Latakia, Tartous, and Homs

“The main goal of this visit is to look at the details in order to make sure that the plans that we will put in place during the coming days are realistic plans that can be implemented and not theoretical plans,’ President Assad told the locals and the accompanying officials.

He added: “We heard very important ideas, especially since each region has details that differ from the other, and the cause of suffering or the method of solution differs from one region to another.”

The following video was released by the Syrian Presidency:

The video is also available on BitChute.

President Assad praised the efforts done by the firefighters: “Greetings to the civil defense men who did not spare any effort despite the lack of means to extinguish the fires, and to the media people who showed great courage without recklessness, and certainly and always to the Syrian Arab Army that is present on all fronts that need it.”

President al-Assad confirmed in a statement to the national media from the village of Balouran in Latakia countryside that the state will bear the greatest burden of financial support for families who have lost resources so that they can stay on their lands to reclaim and replant them as soon as possible.

Starting last Thursday night a number of fires started in different regions across the Syrian coastal provinces of Latakia and Tartous, and in the western countryside of Homs, leaving massive damage in properties, in the forests, in the olive trees, and deaths, and injuries.

It took the firefighters more than three days to contain and extinguish the main fires making extra efforts in cooling down areas where the fires were approaching. With the help of the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian army helicopters, the fires were finally put down by the end of Sunday night.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    President Assad is very thoughtful and considerate, he loves the people and the people love him back, I don’t think Trump or any other leader going like this among the public without heavy guards surrounding them, especially when the people are devastated by a disaster this big.
    I’m sure this visit has relieved the worried people affected by the fires.

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