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Armenian Sappers Clear Neighborhoods in Darayya of Explosives

Daraya Damascus countryside - Syria مدينة داريا ريف دمشق سوريا

Armenian sappers handed over the areas cleared of landmines and explosives in the city of Darayya to the local authorities, a statement by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The statement of the Syrian foreign ministry carried by SANA said that representatives from the Syrian Ministries of Defense, and Local Administration and Environment received the area cleared by the Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise (CHDE) in cooperation with the office of the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS).

Armenian sappers cleared the Neighborhoods of Al-Fosoul Al-Arba’a Club, Al-Najasah, and Al-Shuwayha in Darayya of landmines and explosives, amounting to date, an area of 1,969,599 square meters on the surface and 1,301,984 square meters below the surface.

During their tedious very critical work, the Armenian sappers found 517 assorted explosives and completely destroyed 426 of them thus far, the explosives were planted by the NATO-sponsored terrorists of al Qaeda and its affiliated terrorist groups during their occupation of Darayya before their presence was eliminated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies 6 years ago.

A Syrian representative at the ceremony held in Darayya to hand over the areas cleared by the Armenian sappers of the landmines said in a statement that the Syrian government signed a memorandum with a Norweigian organization to start soon the work to clear the Yarmouk Camp of landmines and explosives planted by NATO-sponsored terrorists.

The Syrian government has repeatedly accused the NATO so-called defensive alliance of not only sponsoring the terrorists in Syria but also impeding the work of the Syrian authorities, friends of the Syrian people, and international agencies in demining the areas cleared from the terrorists to enable the displaced Syrians to return to their homes, villages, towns, and farmlands by imposing inhumane unilateral coercive measures (dubbed wrongly by western media as sanctions) against the Syrian people and whoever carry out any sort of business with the Syrian state or businesses based in Syria.

Despite claims of the fake humanitarian western countries that humanitarian aid and materials used for humanitarian purposes are excluded in their ‘sanctions’, their sanctions regime on the banking system and Syrian businesses make it impossible to interact with foreign parties including the import of medicine, food, oil instead of the Syrian oil stolen by the US army, and in this case, equipment to help locate landmines and eliminate their dangers.

Landmines and other assorted explosive devices planted by the NATO-sponsored terrorists in their tens of thousands in the areas they infested across Syria have killed and maimed thousands of innocent Syrian children, women, and farmers and continue to kill and maim others as long as NATO is not handing over the maps of the explosives their freedom fighters and democracy-spreading head choppers planted in Syria and is not lifting their inhumane measures to collectively punish the Syrian people for choosing not to serve the interests of the ‘elites’ controlling the collective West.

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