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Two Children Killed by an ISIS Landmine Explosion in Deir Ezzor

Landmine explosion - Syria - File photo - انفجار لغم ارضي - عبوة ناسفة - سورية - أرشيف

Two children were killed and a young man injured in a landmine explosion in the buses garage in southern Deir Ezzor city in northeastern Syria, the Syrian news agency Sana reported on Friday 25th of February.

The report confirmed that the two children arrived dead at the Al Assad Hospital in the city of Deir Ezzor quoting the hospital’s director Dr. Mamoun Heezah, who added that the young man sustained superficial wounds from the shrapnel of the landmine and has since been treated and discharged from the hospital.

Local sources confirmed the incident without providing the names of the victims or whether they’re of the same family, the sources did, however, mention that the area was infested by US-sponsored ISIS terrorists who planted landmines and IEDs (Improvised Explosion Devices) in their efforts to continue killing innocent people long after they’re defeated and expelled from the country.

The Syrian authorities are racing time in trying to demine and secure neighborhoods and farmlands liberated from the assorted groups of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and its affiliated terrorists, especially from the IEDs which the terrorists planted in large numbers and have molded into many shapes including furniture and more heinously children toys and books.

Despite a memorandum of understanding signed by UNMAS (the United Nations Mine Action Service) and the Syrian government back in July 2018, the Syrian government is yet to receive proper support from this organization, the task of demining the liberated areas is overwhelming for a single country let alone the NATO sponsors of terrorists continue to impose inhumane sanctions and blockade on the Syrian people preventing them to trade with the world and import needed equipment to help clean their neighborhoods from these landmine killing tools. Syria only received help from its close allies, mainly from Russia and Armenia in its demining efforts.

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