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Another Erdogan Assassination Attempt Foiled; All Signs of a False Flag!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey - assassination attempt

Erdogan was miraculously saved from an assassination attempt, a bomb was discovered under a car of a low-ranking riot control police officer parked far away from the Turkish madman Erdogan during events in the southeast of Turkey.

As the Turkish Lira continues its free-fall in exchange rates, the inflation is growing among the highest in the world, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood control of Muslim-majority countries failed, the popularity of Erdogan at its lowest ever since he was the mayor of Istanbul, Erdogan’s propagandists are promoting a story of a foiled plot to kill him.

In the details: a bomb was planted beneath a car of one of the riot control officers who was heading near a place where Erdogan was opening some development projects in the southeastern Siirt Province, a province of Kurdish majority which happens to be a constant target of bombing and oppression by the consecutive Turkish regimes and increased by Erdogan. A colleague of the officer noticed the bomb, somehow, beneath the car and called on non-other than the National Intelligence Organization (Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı, MİT).

MİT officers cordoned the area, dismantled the bomb, and Erdogan was notified but since he’s the nation’s hero and doesn’t fear death, he instructed to continue the ceremonies because he loves the people and doesn’t want to spoil their joy of his presence among them, actually among his security details who usually outnumber the crowds in areas of his hardcore loyalists, and later said ‘There is no place for terrorists among us.’

That’s the whole story as of now of the latest episode in the foiled Erdogan assassination attempts.

Some points to note that are out of the norms in Turkey and for Erdogan:

  • Erdogan is visiting the southeast of Turkey of Kurdish majority, the people he hates most.
  • Erdogan is opening ‘development projects’ in Siirt province, not only he hates the Kurds he is opening development projects for them.
  • A colleague of the owner of the vehicle where the bomb was planted beneath it saw the bomb, were there arrows pasted obviously on the rear of the car pointing to the bomb which is usually concealed when the goal of it was supposed to be detonated and not discovered?
  • The MİT was notified, now here’s where it becomes laughable; the MİT is headed by Erdogan’s most loyal mini-madman Hakan Fidan, the man who is well known for his ideas of false flags like the one of bombing Turkish forces to justify attacking certain areas.
  • Erdogan has a history of failed assassination attempts in which he uses to the max to consolidate his powers, get rid of his opponents and opposition figures, gain popularity among his die-hard ignorant loyalist, and divert the attention of the public away from their daily living pressing issues.
  • The timing couldn’t be more convenient with today’s price of 13.70 Turkish Liras for a dollar down from its previous record-breaking which we reported of 9.22 Liras for a dollar on 15 October, and from 1.54 Liras for a dollar in the year 2010, that’s just before Erdogan waged his war of terror on Syria.

Merely 3 days ago, Erdogan fired his minister of finance who barely completed one year in his post trying to save the Turkish economy from its deteriorating status because of policies set by the former minister of finance who happens to be Erdogan’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak, yeah Turkey is a ‘role model of a democracy’ in the Muslim world [sic]. Erdogan appointed Nureddin Nebati as his new minister of finance, a deputy of his predecessor known to praise Erdogan’s economic policies.

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The Turkish madman met Joe Biden on the margins of the G20 Summit on the 31st of October, Erdogan had high hopes for the meeting with the man who vowed in his presidential elections to get rid of Erdogan ‘democratically’ and left the meeting totally disappointed. In the same year, not only did Erdogan lose his idols and main supporters Trump at the White House and Netanyahu in Israel, Trump’s replacement doesn’t like him, and Netanyahu’s replacement is dumb in politics.

What’s better than a failed assassination attempt with no risk at all on Erdogan to boost his popularity, tighten his security grip on the country, and avert the public’s attention from their chasing of bread struggle?

The Turkish opposition figures need your prayers, not all of them, some of them were Erdogan’s closest friends and allies who helped him in his early days and share much of the blame for the bloodshed spilled at his hands and share the responsibility of Erdogan’s policies who became opposition only after fearing Erdogan’s dagger being sharpened for them.

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  1. Jack Oliver

    Turkey is NATO’s terrorist ‘gateway’ to the ME !

    The ONLY reason Turkey was left out of the EURO is so that NATO can indirectly manipulate the LIRA and then Turkey becomes their marionette !!

    Any ‘resistance’ by Erdoghan is met with a demolition of the LIRA !


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