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Landmine Explosion Kills One More Civilian and Injures 2 Others in Hama

ISIS landmine explosion kills one person injures 2 others in Salamiyah Hama

A landmine explosion killed one civilian and injured two others in the eastern countryside of Hama, central Syria, the landmine was planted by the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists.

The victims are shepherds grazing their sheep in the Wadi Al Atheeb in the vicinity of Al Seeb Dam in northern Salamiyah countryside, in eastern Hama province, the area is infested with large numbers of landmines, the goal of the terrorists and their sponsors was to kill as many people as they could and devastate as many lives they could in punishment to the oldest continuous civilization on the planet.

In a statement to the Syrian news agency SANA, the head of the Salamiyah National Hospital said ‘the surviving victims have suffered serious injuries and that the hospital staff is doing their utmost best to save them.’

UNMAS, the international body tasked to help countries locate and dismantle landmines and explosive devices continues to postpone their aid to the Syrian state promised in a memorandum of understanding signed between its head and the Syrian ministry of foreign affairs back in July 2018.

UNMAS head Agnes Marcaillou continues to whine at meetings of the United Nations Security Council about the number of victims of the landmines and explosive devices in Syria while her organization is doing almost nothing to help the Syrian government in its efforts to save its citizens from those landmines and explosive devices planted by terrorists sponsored by 3 of the permanent members of the UNSC.

The USA and its regional cronies, namely the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the Saudis, Qataris, some member states of NATO, and, of course, the Israelis continue to support the remnants of the terrorist groups in Syria, including ISIS and have managed to revive the terrorist organization despite being earlier defeated by the Syrian forces and their allies.

Without a full withdrawal of the US forces illegally deployed in the Syrian desert in the Al Tanf area, and in regions in the northeastern part of Syria, the terrorist organization will keep resurfacing.

Combating the remnants and re-emerging terrorist groups sponsored by superpowers and super-rich countries, a US, Turkish, and NATO invasion of large parts of Syria, and the attempts by the Kurdish SDF terrorists are all preventing the Syrian armed forces from focusing on clearing the country from the landmines, with or without the help of the UN and its different bodies; meanwhile, landmine explosions continue to harvest the lives of innocent people and deprive more families of their bread-earners.

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