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Why did Erdogan Sacrifice his Son-in-law, Berat Albayrak?

Berat Albayrak - Erdogan son in law resigns

Berat Albayrak, Erdogan’s son-in-law resigns his post as Minister of Finance, putting his father-in-law in a situation that is not enviable waiting for someone to help him to get out from, which is what President Putin does, who helped him achieve his recent victory in Karabakh!

The following is the English translation from Arabic of the latest article by Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali he published in the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news site Al-Mayadeen Net:

Almost a year after his appointment, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, last Saturday (November 7), dismissed the governor of the Central Bank, Murad Uysal, who brought him himself after he sacked the former governor, who accused him of not carrying out his orders regarding the reduction of bank interest.

After that, Erdogan announced the appointment of former Finance Minister Naji Igbal as governor of the Central Bank, without speaking with his son-in-law, the recently resigned Finance and Treasury Minister, Berat Albayrak, on this issue.

This neglect was one of the reasons that prompted Albayrak to resign, which he did exactly the day after the appointment of the new central bank governor, but this was done through his Instagram account and not in a press conference after he closed his Twitter account and disappeared from view.

This method has raised many questions in the media, political, and popular circles, on the grounds that the minister is the son-in-law of President Erdogan, and therefore no one expected that Erdogan would sacrifice his son-in-law despite press allegations that spoke about an affair between Berat and a famous model.

Some have pointed to these allegations and considered them among the causes of apathy between Erdogan and his son-in-law, in addition to other allegations that speak from time to time about disputes within the family, and between the Erdogan family and the father of his son-in-law, and the latter (i.e. the father) was a well-known journalist writer and was close to the late Islamic leader Necmettin Erbakan.

These allegations cannot be ignored in light of Barish Yarkadas, a former parliament member reminding him that President Erdogan used to tell those close to him that “he has red lines that no one, not even himself, is allowed to cross, which is reconciliation with President Al-Assad and the dismissal of his spoiled son-in-law Berat from his post.”

Albayrak’s resignation or his ouster, and no one knows where he is now, involves many questions, but its timing was important because it came a day after Joe Biden was officially announced the victor in the US elections. Everyone knows the affection and the personal relationship between the sons-in-law Berat Albayrak and Jared Kouchner, the Jewish supporter of ‘Israel’, who visited Ankara on February 27 of last year and met his friend Berat in the presence of his father-in-law, President Erdogan. The media reported at the time that Kouchner explained to Erdogan ‘the American position regarding the deal of the century,’ as Erdogan was strongly objecting to this deal, especially declaring Jerusalem the capital of ‘Israel’.

The information at the time spoke of a ‘lengthy conversation between Erdogan and Kouchner about the situation in Syria, but the most important thing is American and international financial aid to Turkey,’ which explains US President Donald Trump’s approval of the Turkish army’s entry to the east of the Euphrates (in northern Syria) in October last year and not implementing the sanctions that were imposed by the US Congress against Turkey with regard to the Russian S400 missiles and Ankara’s failure to comply with US sanctions on Iran, topics that Minister Albayrak discussed three months later with President Trump this time in his office at the White House, and in the presence of his friend Kouchner, who has no place in parsing in the future of American politics after the presidential election. This is without ignoring the importance of his relations with the Jewish lobbies that Erdogan may need in the coming stage, with the potential for pressures that he will be exposed to by the new president, Joe Biden.

And here begins the talking about Erdogan’s efforts to find covert or overt channels to help him correct the lukewarm or bad relationship with President Biden, which he started by dismissing his son-in-law Berat, who is affiliated with Trump.

Berat Albayrak Erdogan son in law Trump Jared Kushner

Erdogan may try to say to Biden through this step: ‘I got rid of my son-in-law, Jared’s friend,’ after holding him responsible for many mistakes in the relationship with Washington during the Trump era. Later, he is expected to hold him responsible for the economic and financial problems that Turkey has been suffering from for nearly three years, without remembering that he was the one who said, ‘I am directly responsible for the economy,’ as he used to defend his son-in-law and say about him, ‘He is an expert in theory and practice.’

The sacrifice of Berat Albayrak may not be enough for Biden, as Erdogan sent him a second signal by appointing Lotfi Alwan as Minister of Finance and Treasury to succeed Berat.

Alwan, with an age difference, has earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Delaware (1995) even though he is a metallurgical engineer. And this university where President Biden studied in 1972 in the law department, then he was elected to the Senate for this state whose people are said to attach great importance to social relations, including ‘university fellowship’, may get Biden to sympathize with the new minister Alwan, and through him with President Erdogan.

This is of course if Minister Alwan has been in some relationship with his university and professors throughout the past period, also with his neighbors in Delaware, otherwise, matters will not be easy anymore for Erdogan, who if he fails to win Biden’s favor, he will face many difficult and dangerous problems, not only in terms of foreign policy but the interior as well.

Biden had previously talked about supporting the opposition and getting rid of Erdogan, without forgetting that the CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdarolu and the co-chairs of the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party Medhat Sinjar and Parvin Buldan congratulated Biden, whose congratulations were delayed by Erdogan for 3 days and after he called President Trump by phone and thanked him for his ‘strong friendships.’

If the expectations are correct and Biden continues his negative attitude towards Erdogan, which will mean implementing the sanctions approved by Congress, then it will not be easy if not impossible for Erdogan to address the serious financial crisis that Turkey suffers from for many reasons, including the costs of foreign Turkish interventions in Syria, Libya, Iraq, the Balkans, Africa, and in the Caucasus, in which Erdogan seeks, through his victories, to cover up his problems at home.

The final bet remains on the extent to which the opposition succeeds in tightening the siege on Erdogan after the harsh blow he received from his resigned or dismissed son-in-law, and whatever the reason was personal, family, or political, the result is the same; it is that Erdogan is in a situation that is not enviable and he is now waiting for someone to help him to get out of this impasse, which is what President Putin does, who helped him achieve his recent victory in Karabakh!

Note by Syria News: Nepotism in Turkey seems to be allowed, as in all of those countries in the US camp, imagine if the Russian President or the Iranian, or the Venezuelan appoints his son-in-law as the treasure of the country!
They waged their most heinous war of terror on Syria under such guise as one of the factors used by a number of the western-fabricated Syrian opposition, like the daughter of a former Syrian president – Atassi, and a grandson of former Syrian president Shishakli, accusing the Syrian President Assad of coming to power through the bloodline, and they managed to mobilize a few of the ignorant Syrians abroad using this claim, also milked the US and European citizens of their tax money for their 5 stars hotels staying, travel, and conferences.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Opportunist, hypocrite, and all non Islamic features in this person who wants to be the leader of the Muslim world, look what he did to all the people around him and all his former friends and neighbors.

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