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Aleppo Int’l Airport Resumes Operation after Israeli Bombing

Aleppo International Airport

Aleppo International Airport was completely restored and resumed operations receiving the first flight after Israel’s war crime bombing destroyed its main runways and caused serious material damage to its infrastructure early Wednesday, March 22nd.

The Syrian Ministry of Transport said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA that Syria’s second main commercial airport was restored, all damages to its infrastructure were repaired and it was ready to receive its first flight starting at 8 am Friday, 24 March.

The ministry called on all air carriers to resume their flight operations and services through the airport as usual.

A passenger plane belonging to Cham Wings Airlines coming from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, as part of its scheduled flights: Aleppo – Sharjah – Aleppo.

Aleppo International Airport arrivals hall

All procedures were presented to the 144 passengers arriving and departing on the flight, a spokesperson for the airport said.

At 3:55 am on Monday, the 22nd of March, Israel bombed Aleppo International Airport with a barrage of missiles taking it out of service after the main runways were damaged.

Israel insists to prove to the world why the surrounding Arab nations refuse its existence as a criminal anti-Semitic Zionist entity planted by western colonial powers, extending their colonial past, and serving their interests in destabilizing the region.

The fact that the criminal aggressions by the anti-Jewish Zionist state dubbed Israel can continue carrying out its war crimes without being held accountable by the so-called international community is further evidence of the role it plays for them in the Arab and Islamic world.

All the wars the USA and its NATO stooges waged against the Arab and Muslim states in the past seven decades were to serve the so-called Greater Israel aka Greater Middle East project which led to the killing of millions of innocent people, maiming and displacing tens of millions of others.

Israel’s repeated war crimes will only achieve more resentment from the people of the region in which it’s artificially planted, and will only push its expiry date closer no matter how many US and UK soldiers are sacrificed for it.

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  1. Roy

    Pope Francis will not, in all likelihood be speaking at this Sunday’s Easter Mass; not that anyone in the Muslim world, save for perhaps a few Iman, or of other similar bent would care what any Christian might have to say or think; but the question that I ask myself is, “Is that just a coincidence or is it by design that the Pope, for at least this Sunday will not be able to speak, in the same sort of respiratory illnesses sort of way that Covid-19, was just a freak of Mother Nature, in the same sort of way that giving birth is also just a freak of motherhood.
    When Trump was in office, Pope Francis had a strange problem of not being able to evict a bunch of Nazis who had taken over a monastery some 35 to 50 miles north of the Vatican. Strange, right? Even more strange is that those Nazis were personal friends of Trump’s Vice-president; weird? Even more so, the armament manufacturer that had been supplying Europe’s militaries for centuries, of latest notoriety, the Hitler Regime, whom the USA brought to power, that family, the family that controlled that huge military industry, is/was the neighbor of Trump’s Vice-president. Is this a small world or what?
    So, though, in all likelihood, nobody, if anyone at all reads this, will be attending Sunday mass at the Vatican; what didn’t some people want Pope Francis to say? Keeping in mind that being such close neighbors to a certain country you must be aware of the internal strife within that nation and just as a toy for the mind to play with; we all know that God, if there should even be such a thing, and we all know there is, is scheduled to make an appearance on the eastern wall of a certain House of Worship in Syria; knowing all of that, and knowing Benjamin Netanyahu’s caring and loving heart as we do, and the very real likelihood that should our loving BIbi, attempt to murder the peoples of Israel; who Israel swore to serve and protect, as Hitler did, Israel’s neighbors would offer safe passage for its potential victims.
    Will, the Heavenly Creator make a quick stop over in Jerusalem, just to give that crowd there a few words on his thoughts of the whole matter? Guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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