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US Army Stealing Syrian Oil Even While Being Bombed with Missiles!

US Army steal Syrian oil - file photo

The US Army stole an additional massive quantity of Syrian oil in one of its largest convoys and smuggled it into Iraq at the same time its forces were being hammered with missiles by the Syrian Resistance and its allied forces!

148 vehicles loaded with hundreds of tonnes of Syrian oil stolen by the same regime that is leading a consortium of western hyenas in arming a Nazi regime hoping to start World War 3 in Europe over the ‘sovereignty’ of the country that the regime installed by the USA in 2014 governs.

Local sources told the Syrian news agency SANA yesterday, 25 March 2023, that “a convoy consisting of 148 vehicles belonging to the American occupation, including 80 tanks designated for transporting crude oil stolen from the Syrian fields, and 60 vehicles containing refrigerators and trucks, accompanied by 8 military armored vehicles, headed through the illegal Al-Walid crossing to northern Iraq.”

Earlier on the 4th of this month, the US Army oil thieves smuggled two convoys comprising 57 vehicles loaded with stolen Syrian oil into neighboring Iraq.

Biden’s White House junta does not need the Syrian oil in its relevantly small quantities when it controls the oil of Iraq and the Gulfies, it steals it to deprive the Syrian people of electricity, fuel for their cars and agriculture vehicles, food, and heating in the cold days of winter.

The crazies of the White House, falsely labeling themselves the ‘adults’ hope that the Syrian people will revolt under this pressure against their own state and invite US proxies, the likes of the clown in Kiev, or the Turkish madman Erdogan, the ruler of Qatar, or even their al Qaeda and ISIS head choppers to rule their country.

During the same period in which the US Army oil thieves were loading the stolen oil and other items into the convoy, the oil thieves were engaged with the Syrian Resistance and its allied forces in a tit-for-tat missiles exchange leading to the killing and wounding of several civilians in Deir Ezzor and the killing of at least 8 US soldiers, 2 CIA agents, and injuring several other oil thieves.

Remember that we’re commemorating these days the US and UK illegal invasion of Iraq killing over a million human beings after starving to death half a million children in that country, displacing several millions of others based on a lie and fabricated evidence and since that date, 20 years ago, the USA and its UK lackey, NATO stooges, and a host of other countries including Ukraine, systematically destroyed Iraq turning it into a failed state and continue to prevent it from asserting its sovereignty on its territories, sovereignty is for Ukraine only because they run the clown ruling that country from the house the son of the leader of the free world resides in which he rented from his own father for 50,000 dollars a month!

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  1. Roy

    Basically, it’s the same way they treat their own citizens, except unlike the Syrians, Americans are too gutless to do anything about it.


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