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Al-Bab: NATO Forces new Massacre: 9 adults and 5 Children Killed

Aleppo - Al-Bab Rockets and Missiles fired at the local market killing and injuring dozens قصف السوق الشعبي في مدينة الباب شرقي حلب يوقع عشرات الضحايا

Al-Bab city in northeastern Aleppo countryside witnessed a new massacre, NATO proxy forces and NATO’s second-largest army’s infighting in northern Syria added to their toll of victims an additional 14 with the latest shelling of the local market in Al Bab city by a missile, with the fighting factions exchanging blame for this latest atrocity.

More than 30 others were wounded in the explosion that blew up the local market in the city of Al-Bab in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, the city is under the occupation of the NATO member Turkish army with several terrorist groups of Al Qaeda and its affiliated factions.

Al Qaeda’s propaganda arm known as the White Helmets had a field day of filming themselves acting like the rescuers after removing their suicide belts and wearing the blue and yellow vests and white helmets as if they were prepared for the attack with their very expensive cameras and narratives they have rehearsed well for.

  • Aleppo - Al Bab Rockets and Missiles fired at the local market killing and injuring dozens قصف السوق الشعبي في مدينة الباب شرقي حلب يوقع عشرات الضحايا
  • Aleppo - Al Bab Rockets and Missiles fired at the local market killing and injuring dozens قصف السوق الشعبي في مدينة الباب شرقي حلب يوقع عشرات الضحايا

The notorious White Helmets terrorists and some other Al Qaeda propaganda outlets initially accused the Syrian army of carrying out the attack on the market in Al-Bab, then had to change their narrative to accuse Iranian-backed militias as the Syrian army does not use such rockets and has no direct military base in the proximate region, and later they settled on accusing the US-backed Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists for the attack, they shifted their blame only after making sure the western mainstream media (MSM) circulated their first accusation and that the same MSM will not retract their stories when altered by the propaganda outlet.

The White Helmets – Al Qaeda Propaganda Arm – Credit: @SyrianWarNewsInfoMedia

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, on their part, refuted the accusations and some of their sources referred to an ongoing thug war for dominance and land grab between the HTS (formerly known as Al Qaeda Levant and Nusra Front), the largest terrorist group operating in northern Syria with the full support of Turkey and Qatar, and its rivals of smaller groups sponsored mainly by the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. The city of Al-bab witnessed horrific massacres committed by these different factions over the past decade.

Needless to say that this wave of escalation of violence in northern Syria comes as the Turkish madman Erdogan vowed to carry out a new military operation to Israelize more land and the overall anger among his closest followers in Al Qaeda different factions in the same region after the latest statements trickling recently from Erdogan himself and some of his ministers of their desire to communicate with the Syrian state and solve the issues in northern Syria by direct talks, especially after the Tehran summit and the increasing pressure from Russia on Turkey.

Blowing up markets to inflict massive casualties among the civilians is a trademark of US-sponsored ‘intelligence’ agencies and their proxy terrorists, of all sorts, especially the radical anti-Islamic groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh); unless one of those factions will declare who carried out this heinous attack on Friday, the first of two days weekend in Syria, we will not know for sure who directly fired the rockets, what is certain is the master behind all this carnage in Syria is the one and only United States of America.

Before the US initiated the bloodiest “color revolution” among its series of regime change operations and “creative chaos” across the planet, Syria was among the most secure countries with the lowest record of crimes, certainly among all its neighboring countries and further beyond, terrorism flourished and Al Qaeda Levant, ISIS, and other “Moderate Terrorist” groups sprung out of Iraq by the CIA and MI6 immediately after the US and British invasion of that country based on their fabricated lies.

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    I understand the enemy WANTS to create an all out OPEN WAR, but I ask- At what number, 90, 900, 9000, 90000, 900000,9000000 is enough to make you fight back???

    There is MORE than one way to give the ENEMY all hell and the best way is by GUERRILLA WARFARE using PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY tactics, so the ENEMY cannot be sure SYRIANS destroyed their forces

    We IRISH used that technique against the superior numbers of the British and because of that WE WON.

    • Arabi Souri

      There are plenty of ways to hurt the enemies, why do you think they’re attacking Syria in the first place? Where do you think Hezb Allah in Lebanon and the Palestinian factions in Palestine got their weapons from? Who helped the Iraqi resistance and hosted over a million of their families after the US and British invasion? The question in the case of the Turks is: will the people rally further behind Erdogan if he shows he’s in the defense or they’ll go against him? Our experience with the Turks is always negative, sadly.

      The same with the US troops, so far there are strikes as retaliatory against the US and Israeli bombing by attacking the US forces in Al Tanf base and in the oil field in Deir Ezzor, and they’re very effective however the Pentagon tries to lie about them. Keep in mind the amounts of money they spent and that Syria has already broken the backbone of their main army, they sent us over 350,000 terrorists in the past 11.5 years, much more than half of them were killed in Syria and plenty are cornered in Idlib and the other parts in northern Syria, it’s painful and it’s taking long because Syria on the ground is literally alone, Turkey receives financial and economic aid from both Iran and Russia times more whatever they give to Syria.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    One day all the criminals will stand up naked before their Lord and the entire humanity and they will answer to their crimes.


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