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Syria Wants Actions from Erdogan, Not Terrorism and Rapprochement

Syrian Media Response to Erdogan's Statements Seeking Rapprochement الرد السوري على تصريحات اردوغان

After 11 years of aggression and support for terrorism, new Turkish statements from the head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, claim that there are no ambitions for his regime in the Syrian territories and the need to take advanced steps with Damascus through which to spoil many schemes in this region.

This post is taken from a report by Ikhbariya, Syria’s main state-backed news channel, in response to the statements by different Turkish officials with the latest coming from the head of the Turkish regime Erdogan on his way back from Ukraine yesterday.

This can be considered to a large extent Syria’s official position in regard to relations with the current regime in Turkey:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


For more than a decade, the Turkish regime has pursued a hostile policy towards Syria, represented by its occupation of parts of it, support for terrorist organizations there, and ensuring the continued control of al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations over large areas in the northwest of Syria.

Moreover, this regime has, over the past years, attempted to change the demographic structure and the Syrian identity in the areas it occupies. After all these years of aggression, different statements about Syria come out from several Turkish levels, the latest of which can be described as allegations by the head of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who denies that his country has any ambitions in Syrian lands and that Turkey attaches importance to the territorial integrity of Syria.

Erdogan went further in his statements by talking about the need to take advanced steps with Damascus through which, according to him, it would be possible to spoil many schemes in this region, considering that countries can never rule out political and diplomatic dialogue.

Sarkis Bronsozyan – expert on Turkish affairs: Aggression and occupation are two legal descriptions that apply to the illegal presence of Turkish forces on Syrian lands. So, there is an occupation and an act of aggression and there is an illegal presence, therefore, all of these reasons must first be removed, this aggression must be removed and this occupation and this illegal presence must end, and then there will be the possibility of dialogue between the two sides on the basis of good neighborly relations and on the basis of ensuring mutual security for the two sides. sides of the boundary line.

Erdogan also talks about the United States and the coalition forces, which he described as the main sponsors of terrorism in Syria and that they continue to do so. Yes, what Erdogan said about the United States and its fueling of terrorism in Syria is true and accurate, but if the United States comes first as a feeder of terrorism in Syria, Ankara, too, may compete with Washington in this rank of fueling terrorism, and both of them occupy Syrian lands and steal the riches and wealth of the Syrian people.

The statements of the head of the Turkish regime come at a time when the countryside of Aleppo, Al-Raqqa and Al-Hasakah is witnessing a remarkable escalation, which led to the martyrdom of the members of the Syrian army deployed in the area two days ago, which prompted Syria to respond to the aggression and confirm through a military source that any attack on any military point of our armed forces will be met with a response direct and immediate on all fronts.

The statements made by the head of the Turkish regime were described by some as turning around, and others as the need by this regime to change its course in light of internal pressures, while others linked them to the changes taking place worldwide, but perhaps the most accurate description by those who experienced these regimes is evasion, blackmail and (cheap) investment.

What Erdogan is making are mere statements that are not matched on the ground by any practical steps that confirm it, which are the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation forces from Syrian lands and the cessation of any Turkish attacks on Syria in a manner that preserves Syria’s unity, sovereignty, and its territorial integrity.

End of the transcript.

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