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a four year old militant


This boy is the smallest member of the daash is shown in a video  captured and posted on the net from Syria.

He is called abu bakr el Baghdady and is only 4 YEARS OLD  ,and after the video starts showing us this child firing from a weapon he gets asked some questions and he answers pretty good, and by pretty good i mean he was able to adapt daash and wahabii’s ideology well….AND THIS IS THE CONVERSATION.

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  • The man: al salam alyakum
  • The boy:w el salam alaykum
  • How are you brother
  • Thanks for allah (al hamdullellah )
  • What’s your name ?
  • abu bakr
  • What is your family’s last name?
  • El Baghdady
  • mashaallah,where are you from abu bakr
  • I am from Uzbekistan
  • Mashaallah,you are with the FSA or Al Nusra front or Daash
  • Im with the country (he means daash brigades  )
  • Which country (he means brigades)
  • Im with the Country of Islam in the Levant and Iraq
  • Oh mashaallah, may Allah bless you
  • Brother, what would you like to tell Muslims ?
  • Come to the operation
  • Which operation?What do you mean ,the fight in syria ?
  • Yes
  • What do you like to tell the infidels?
  • Oh you infidels are going to get slaughtered  !
  • Brother,what is the name of our prince ?
  • Our Prince is abu baker el karrar (abu bakr el Baghdady)
  • Did you give the oath to our prince ?
  • yes i did

And here a 1 minute video ends.

Strange how these kids are being brainwashed…or is it ?!

wahabisim =anti islam  anti everyone
wahabisim =anti islam
anti everyone

The support of the arrogant powers for the #Takfiri  groups has intensified over the last three or four years. In this manner, they make #Muslims to attack each other and they also depict #Islam to the public opinion as obnoxious; when they show a man on their TVs chewing and eating another human being’s liver in the name of Islam, what do they think of Islam?
The enemies of Islam have plotted; these are not cases that occur out of a sudden, these are not created over an hour; these are plots on which hours of planning have been spent, there is a policy behind them, there is money behind them, there are intelligence services behind such plots.
Ayatollah #Khamenei, 19/01/2014





  1. Edin Y.

    What the hell is this foreign rodent doing in Syria anyways? His Uzbekistan sheethole has enough problems of their own to fix and nobody in Syris invited him and his stinky parents to come and kill. I guess we will see this little rodent dead on some of the next videos claiming he is “Syrian” child (not so Syrian with the Chink eyes, tho).


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