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A Four Year Old Militant!

This boy is the smallest member of the daash is shown in a video  captured and posted on the net from Syria.

He is called abu bakr el Baghdady and is only 4 YEARS OLD  ,and after the video starts showing us this child firing from a weapon he gets asked some questions and he answers pretty good, and by pretty good i mean he was able to adapt daash and wahabii’s ideology well….AND THIS IS THE CONVERSATION.

Click here to watch the video on a new page

And here a 1 minute video ends.

Strange how these kids are being brainwashed…or is it ?!

wahabisim =anti islam  anti everyone
wahabisim =anti islam
anti everyone

The support of the arrogant powers for the #Takfiri  groups has intensified over the last three or four years. In this manner, they make #Muslims to attack each other and they also depict #Islam to the public opinion as obnoxious; when they show a man on their TVs chewing and eating another human being’s liver in the name of Islam, what do they think of Islam?
The enemies of Islam have plotted; these are not cases that occur out of a sudden, these are not created over an hour; these are plots on which hours of planning have been spent, there is a policy behind them, there is money behind them, there are intelligence services behind such plots.
Ayatollah #Khamenei, 19/01/2014




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