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90% of the Aleppo – Damascus Railway Rehabilitation Work is Completed

Syrian Railways Damascus - Aleppo Railway

The majority of the work on rehabilitating the vital Aleppo – Damascus railway is completed, 90% of the infrastructure including restoring large portions of the railways stolen by Erdogan terrorists, rebuilding stations, bridges, and junctures destroyed by Nusra Front and its NATO affiliates, and now the testing is underway, all under the unprecedented draconian regimes of sanctions and blockade imposed on Syria by the USA and its European minions.

The Turkish madman Erdogan stole more than 46 kilometers of the Aleppo-Damascus railway during the past 10 years of his exporting of the Turkish surplus of democracy and human rights to Syria using his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood al Qaeda terrorist groups.

The following report by Khaled Iskef for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV news station sheds more light on the progress of rehabilitating the Aleppo – Damascus railway:

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Transcript of the above video’s English translation:

Months after the resumption of repair work, the rehabilitation work of the railways connecting the cities of Aleppo and Damascus is nearing its end. 400 kilometers is the length of the railway network, which was damaged during the Syrian war as a result of the bombings, sabotage, and theft committed by the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al-Qaeda Levant ) and other factions loyal to Turkey.

Najib Faris, Director-General of the General Organization of Syrian Railways: The main maintenance, rehabilitation, and restoration works of this axis have been completed, only complementary works remain while passing trial trains over this axis to complete the gravel brushing works and straightening the railway line.

Reconnecting the railway network between Damascus and Aleppo through the governorates of Homs and Idlib, in addition to the process of rehabilitating destroyed bridges and main stations, is the sum of what workers of the Syrian Railways carry out with their own local expertise.

Yousef Salman, Director of the project for the rehabilitation of railways between Damascus and Aleppo: We set out for Aleppo from Homs, where we rehabilitated the Schnishel station that was completely destroyed by the terrorist groups, and we moved to the Harbansha station, which was as well completely destroyed.

Engineer Zakaria Kalzia, Implementation Director of the Northern Section in the railways: The project takes on its importance as it transports grain to ports and transfers fuel to electric power generating stations, which will also reflect on the electricity situation and the situation of supplies and bread in Syria.

The return of the railways to work as in its past is one of the most important steps that the Syrian government is working on to improve the economic situation, especially because of the savings this return provides in terms of transportation fees between the Syrian governorates on the one hand, and the ease of delivery of basic fuel and other materials to power plants on the other, which will be reflected positively in a large way on the situation of the economy and services in Syria.

End of the trascript.

The United States of America and its NATO and EU minions, and its regional stooges continue their war of terror and war of attrition until this very day and there’s no sign of them returning to humanity any time soon. Their sanctions hurt the ordinary Syrians as much as the terrorism they sponsor do, and they know that.

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