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Former ISIS Terrorist Now Refugee Sentenced to Life in Prison in Hungary

ISIS Terrorist Hassan F in Budapest Hungary sentenced to life in prison

A court in Budapest, Hungary, issued a life sentence for a refugee who was a former ‘fighter’ in the ISIS terrorist organization in the Homs province in Syria in 2015.

The Hungarian court stated that the defendant Hassan F. was complicit in at least two murders in Syria, one of them was related to beheading a person, according to local news sites.

Hungarian anti-terrorism center stated that the defendant left Syria in 2016 and was granted refugee status in Greece. He was previously arrested for the first time at the Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest on December 30, 2018. He was using forged travel documents and was sentenced to a suspended prison time for ‘human trafficking’ among other crimes.

The authorities in Hungary decided to expel the ‘refugee’ just before they received intel from the Belgium authorities about Hassan F.’s past role in the ISIS terrorist organization. Belgium would know better as they have their agents train the terrorists of Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda Levant and HTS), an affiliate of ISIS in Idlib, on using chemical weapons for a false-flag to impede the Syrian army’s military operation to liberate the province of Idlib, northwest of Syria on the borders with NATO member state Turkey.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Budapest did not respond to a request by the Hungarian court about the date the defendant arrived in Turkey before the court issued its verdict.

The defendant denied any wrongdoing and his defense team appealed the verdict on the basis of lack of compelling evidence.

Hundreds of terrorists with their families fled Syria to Europe after they were defeated by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, thousands of others were sent by the Turkish madman Erdogan to use them against European countries when he needs to blackmail the ‘Old Continent’. They mingled with refugees posing a great danger to the genuine refugees who fled their terror in the first place and to the host communities in Europe, but the latter is the least price to be paid by the countries that invested in terror in Syria to achieve political goals which were not even in its own interests.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They’re going back to their mothers who fed them and nurtured them and sent them to our country to kill and destroy. Their mothers are not the ones who gave them birth, it’s the ones who used them all these years.


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