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Building Despite Terror and Sanctions: 5000 New Apartments in Damascus

Building Marota City - Damascus مشروع ماروتا سيتي - دمشق

The Syrian Ministry of Housing has begun building more than 5,000 replacement apartments in Damascus in the two organizational cities of Marota and Basilia in the Syrian capital and is completing projects to deliver thousands of apartments for youth housing with local capabilities that challenge the conditions of the siege.

Youth Housing Program was an ambitious affordable housing project launched by President Assad to deliver thousands of apartments at near cost price and on up to 25 years easy monthly installments and was on a fast track before the United States of America and its European minions waged their war of terror against the country, the project slowed down but the building continued despite the terror and sanctions.

Muhammad al-Khidr reports for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen tv news station on the latest developments in the housing projects in Damascus:

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation of the above report:

The wheel of work is going on in housing projects that challenge the siege on the Syrian economy. Local construction companies are undertaking the completion of more than 5,000 apartments for affordable housing in the Marota and Basilia organizational cities projects in Damascus.

Suhail Abd al-Latif, Syrian Minister of Public Works and Housing: The Ministry manages, executes and supervises this project through a specialized company, the execution by its construction companies and the management is by the Public Housing Corporation. Of course, the owner of the project is Damascus Governorate. This project consists of more than 5 thousand apartments for the owners of the area behind Al-Razi or Marota and Basilia City.

This effort complements huge projects that included the delivery and allocation of 50,000 apartments during the war years. The construction wheel has not stopped in various social housing projects in the governorates despite their huge costs due to the decline in the exchange rate.

The suburb of Dimas, west of Damascus, is a model that is nearing full completion under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and the execution by government companies.

The city of Dimas for youth is now being executed in the last phase of the Youth Housing Program launched by President Assad, and the same is true in all governorates, executing the last phase in the program.

The (Dimas) city can accommodate 26 thousand apartments

The Syrian government is still providing housing at cost prices despite the repercussions of the war, and it includes construction costs and almost free land and installments of up to 25 years.

The advancement of the Syrian housing sector is not an easy task based on objective circumstances related to the siege and the repercussions of the war, a task that construction companies and institutions try to work on with the provision of technical capabilities and engineering expertise that they have in the field of reconstruction.

Muhammad al-Khidr from the residential suburb of Dimas, west of Damascus, Al-Mayadeen.

End of the transcript.

The enemies of humanity in the United States of America, the European Union, and their regional stooges are continuing their pressure against the Syrian people with countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar exporting their surplus of democracy and human rights to Syria by herds of tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliated terrorists, topped with inhumane crippling sanctions by the USA and the European Union in addition to shy assistance from Syria’s presumed close allies.

This all comes to please Israel’s expansionist goals which also, on its part, continues bombing in Syria at will with the protection of its NATO Klan at the UNSC in addition to it using all the above slaves and the separatist Kurdish cannon fodders of the SDF in the northern regions of Syria.

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  1. wpslol

    I already knew about the Marota City project in southern Damascus, but since it is a very expensive project, I know it took decades to build right now with the weak Syrian pound, and Russia and Iran alone are not enough to rebuild the Syria, however I did not understand if they are building new districts of Damascus or if they want to build a new capital in Syria as Egypt is doing ?!

    • Arabi Souri

      No new capital as of now, the report doesn’t only talk about Marota, that’s the 5,000 units and it will essentially those the original families of the area in exchange of their ailing properties in addition to selling the excess units at different prices.


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